Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) received a visit from 19 students and two lecturers from the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (DLSU-D) in Melaka recently. Students from MMU and DLSU-D take turns to visit each other in their respective countries and universities each year. The programme serves as an avenue for the delegates to expand their network and to learn different types of on-going research at the international level. Besides, the delegates also get the chance to gain cultural experiences from off-campus activities.

The main highlight of the programme was the workshop topic related to building and programming a 4 degree-of-freedom (DOF) robotics arm. The delegates were taught how to design suitable robot gripper and fabricate it via 3D printing, as well as learned how to control the arm using Arduino programme. A friendly competition was held on their last day of the workshop utilising the robotic arm built by themselves.

Apart from the technical activities, the delegates were brought around for Melaka City Tour, where they learned more about Melaka as a historical city in Malaysia. Several meaningful historical places such as the A-Famosa, St. Paul Hill, Red Square, and others. Besides wandering around Melaka City, the delegates also spent two days in Kuala Lumpur, to visit the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, the educational center Petrosains, Pudu Central Market and many more. It is hoped that the programme will incite more collaboration and networking in research and education between two varsities in the future.