A group of 34 students with their lecturer, Dr. Susan Chin from the Faculty of Business (FOB) visited Fetta Auto Parts Industries Sdn. Bhd. in Melaka recently. The company is one of Malaysia’s leading producer for steel engineered parts with the highest portfolio of the infamous OEM, RAM and Customisation supply for Exhaust System and Vehicle Protector Bars.

MARCO, which is its main product, has been widely acknowledged for their contribution of the widest scope of Exhaust Systems and Vehicle Protector Bars ranging from commercial up to passenger vehicles. Mr Tan, the General Manager, briefed the students on the standards required and on the processes involved. He arranged for the students to visit their subsidiary, Fetta Lost Wax Castings (M) Sdn Bhd where the students learned the process of making casts and the actual product itself. The casts are meant for the medical and construction industry.