9 MBA students from Faculty of Management organised a study trip to Melaka recently. The two-day programme was planned as a two-pronged strategy as to inject practitioners’ knowledge towards enhancing academic excellence and to gauge how Melaka itself as a popular tourist spot for their Marketing Management subject. The students were accompanied by Dr Aravindan Logeiswaran, the subject coordinator.

The students went to Kompleks Hijau Solar, a solar farm of 8MWp capacity located in Ayer Keroh. They were briefed on the Solar Photovoltaics (PV) industry, the basic technicalities of solar PV, and its growing market demand as renewable energy and sustainable long-term investments to business entities. It also supports the Government’s initiative in addressing the climate change issue.

Besides that, the students had the opportunity to visit historical sites in Melaka as a famous place for tourist. They also met with Mr Narinasamy, author of The Chetti Heritage book to get deeper insights on the history of the various ethnic groups in Melaka. The visit allowed the students to experience and gained more knowledge of the historical city of Malaysia.