On 19 February 2019, the final year Business Management students from Faculty of Management (FOM) organised an event entitled “Dive into Diversity with Malaysian Sign Language” with the support of the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MDF). About 82 students attended the event at the Multipurpose Hall, Cyberjaya. The event aimed to spread awareness in embracing diversity among MMU students by exploring the Malaysian sign language.

Mr. Mohamad Sazali Shaari, who is the President of Malaysian Confederation of the Disabled and the Vice Chairman of ASEAN Disability Forum, shared insights on how to understand a hearing-impaired person, communication methods, as well as common experiences faced by the hearing-impaired people. He was assisted by Madam Zaidah who wonderfully interpreted the sign languages used by Mr. Sazali.

The second instructor, Mr. Zaine Bujal taught the basic sign languages to all the students which consisted of alphabets to numbers as well as various other daily usages of communication. He made the session interactive by doing the sign language and made the audience to guess. The students were even asked to express their names in sign language. All in all, the sharing and learning experience was not just enjoyable to the students, but it definitely expanded their horizons on the importance of sign language.