7 lecturers from various faculties in Multimedia University (MMU) has made us proud when they won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the first IDE4 Teaching and Learning Exhibition (IDE4TE). The competition was held during the 4th Teaching and Learning Festival (TLIF 2018) at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) recently. This was a national level event organised by the network of Industry Driven Education Alliance (GLU IDE4) and co-organised by the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

With its theme ‘Advancing Collaboration in Global Diversity’, the event provides a sharing platform for Innovative Teaching and Learning approaches among IDE4 and other academic participants as well as school teachers. It also catalyses and drives IDE4 in championing the 21st Century Teaching and Learning initiatives. For this year, 72 submissions were accepted to be showcased and various institutions participated including UTP, MMU,UniKL,UNITEN, UTM,UPM, UTAR, IPG Ipoh and teachers.

The winners are:


Dr. Kwan Jing Hui (Faculty of Management) Enhancing Collaborative Learning and Student Engagement through Scaffolding Strategies in Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)


Rosnani Bt Abdul Rahman (Faculty of Creative Multimedia) Paperless and Collaborative Classroom for Design Subjects

Dr Joseph Emerson Raja , Mr Low Kean Ong & Dr Lim Way Soong (Faculty of Engineering and Technology) Peer Tutoring in Higher Education – An Effective Pedagogical Tool for Student-Centered Teaching

Bronze :

Shantini A/P Sukumaran & Fathiha Mohd Rafik (Faculty of Law) Blended Learning in Law School

Dr Ian Chai (Faculty of Computing and Informatics) Group Study Share, Online Quiz Review and Good Lectures

Elizabeth Marshall (Faculty of Applied Communication) Problem Solving, MMU Millennials Paving the Way!

Mohd Izwardi B Mohd Yusoff (Faculty of Applied Communication) Accelerating Introductory Sport Skills Acquisition Through Virtual Games

Congratulations to all winners!