A total of 197 students of the Banking and Finance programme and 11 academicians of Faculty of Business (FOB) attended an industrial talk entitled ‘Fintech-Current Trends and Future Prospects’ on 2 October 2018 at Melaka campus. The talk was organised by Dr. Mohammad Tariqul Islam Khan together with Mr. R.Rajagopal Raghavan. The speakers of the talk were the industry experts from the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and FOB aimed to ensure the business graduates are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge before embarking themselves to their careers.

The first speaker, Mr. Steven Chong, who is the council member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants and the Chairman of the MIA Digital Economy Task Force, shared his knowledge on Industry Revolution 4.0: Revolutionising Business, Finance & Accounting. He explained further on the MIA Digital Technology Blueprint, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in accounting and the future of the role of accountants with these rapid changes. In addition, he also clarified on tax collection via Blockchain and AI machine on a corporate board of directors.

The second speaker, Mr Bryan Chung, who is the CEO of Incite Capital and the Director of Mountain Partners Malaysia, shared his knowledge on FinTech- What it is & What you SHOULD do. In his talk, he covered various topics comprising global FinTech financing, FinTech in Malaysia, cashless society, digital banking, winning in the digital world, applications of Blockchain and the era of Crypto-currency. Apart from external speakers, our own experts namely Dr. Mohammad Tariqul Islam Khan, Mr. R. Rajagopal Raghavan and Datin Dr. Devinaga Rasiah also gave their insights on Fintech to the students. Overall, the students were exposed to in-depth knowledge on FinTech and its various branches specifically Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence in Financial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics, Crowd funding, P2P lending, and Robo-advisors.