February 19, 2018

On 1 February 2018, Channel News Asia (CNA), an English-language Asian TV news channel and Unifi organised Media Career Workshop 2018 at Multimedia University. This half-day workshop was attended by more than 100 MMU students from Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Faculty of Cinematic Arts and Faculty of Applied Communication. Prof. Dr. Hishamuddin Ismail, Vice President of Academic and Internationalisation also present during the event.

The highlight of the workshop was sharing session with successful figures such as Chloe Cho, Executive Producer/Presenter; Melissa Goh, Correspondent News; Fendi Mohamad, TV Unifi Celebrity Cook and Wan Rozita Aladad Khan, Head Local Content, New Media, TM. The speakers shared their insights and personal journey as well as the challenges and perks in the world of media and communication industries.

The best part of the workshop was when the students were given a challenge, which was to produce a short-write up about why they want to be in the Media industry. As a result, the 10 best entries will win a 2-Day trip to Singapore sponsored by CNA in March 2018, inclusive of one day career induction at Channel News Asia to explore more of the role of presenter, correspondent, producer and media industry as a whole. The exposure to the industry is on great importance as it will seed ideas and prepare the future of generation to understand and meet the needs of the industry.