FCI Students Develop App to Help Needy Community

Sidharrth Nagappan, Shaun Mak, and Cornelius Pang from the Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI) have developed an app, “Sambal SOS” in an effort to help people find food banks and locations of the white flag where people can extend their assistance during these challenging times in four days. The students created a centralised platform that crowdsourced data to connect people in need with those people who are extending their helping hand.

The app also works in a simple way where people can send an SOS signal to ask for help or get access to the variety of food banks’ locations listed on the app. In the meantime, others can report those who are raising white flags or channel the aid directly to the affected people. As of now, there are 80 food banks are listed on the platform. The students have made a praiseworthy effort in helping Malaysians in need to face this unprecedented situation.

Well done!

Photo credit: Malaymail