Diploma in Cinematography

(N/213/4/0360) 02/25 (MQA/PSA13431)

Diploma in Cinematography is a programme that brings students on a journey to discover the art of storytelling through the craft of lighting and camera technology. Adopting a practical and theoretical approach, students will develop the competence of a professional cinematographer comfortable with the latest equipment, while seeking to advance the art form of Cinema.

The programme goes beyond the cinematographer’s camera to explore the integral peripheral equipment used in the entire cinematography department. The practical stages of pre-production, production and post-production are covered, while the theory of image-making is investigated through film screenings, analysis and discussions.


  • Pass SPM/O-Level or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C in at least three (3) subjects; OR
  • Pass UEC with a minimum of Grade B in at least three (3) subjects; OR
  • Pass STPM or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C (GP 2.00) in at least one (1) subject; OR
  • Pass STAM with Grade Maqbul (Pass); OR
  • Recognised Creative Multimedia Certificate or its equivalent; OR
  • Recognised related Technical and Vocational Certificate or its equivalent with one (1) year relevant work experience or one (1) trimester bridging programme; OR
  • Pass SKM Level 3 or any qualifications equivalent to Certificate (Level 3, MQF) in a related field; AND
  • Pass an interview OR submission of student’s portfolio, to be determined by MMU as required.


  •  Ideation
  •  Artistic Visualisation
  •  Creative Expression
  •  Storytelling Through The Lense
  •  Pitching & Fundraising
  •  Basic Photography
  •  Visual Engineering
  •  Lighting Design 1
  •  Camera Operation
  •  Art History
  •  Literary Readings
  •  Introduction to Philosophy
  •  Pop Culture
  •  Creative Leadership
  •  Persuasive Media
  •  Sound Appreciation
  •  Short Media Content
  •  Final Year Project
  •  Color Grading
  •  Lighting Design 2
  •  Camera Technology
  •  History of Cinema
  •  Cinema and Sociology
  •  Social Media as Marketing Tools
  •  Industrial Training
  •  Basic Academic Writing
  •  Co-Curriculum
  •  Pengajian Malaysia / BM Komunikasi 1
  •  Family and Society in Malaysia


  • Director of Photography
  • Cinematographer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Camera Operator
  • Gaffer
  • Grip


Ts. Shahfeeq Jibin

Dean / Lecturer

Ts. Kan Lume

Deputy Dean Academics / Specialist

Furqaan Mohamad

Deputy DeanStudent Affairs / Lecturer

Dr. Tan Zi Hao

Deputy Dean Research / Lecturer

Ts. Saufee Mohammad


Tan Jia Cheng

Assistant Lecturer

Mary Grace Liew

Assistant Lecturer

Eunice Alexander

Assistant Lecturer

Eddy Izuwan Musa


Chan Teik Quan

Assistant Lecturer