About Us


Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC) was established in 2016 from its humble origin as the Learning Institute for Empowerment (LiFE). It currently houses two (2) unique programmes: Foundation in English and Bachelor of Communication (Strategic Communication) (Hons).

FAC underscores the discipline of communication which integrates both theoretical knowledge and real-life practices to enhance human communication. Founded on the principle that all human interactions and interfaces are grounded in communication, FAC expands education opportunities that encapsulate the multifarious aspects of communication studies.

Communication as a discipline is in its most advantageous position in a media-driven world where social networking, media creation, global connectivity and digital economy rise to prominence. Harnessing the potential of communication, FAC undertakes to develop a generation of graduates with an influential communicative ability and a high level of employability across disciplines.

Vision: To thrive as a locus for developing innovative communication leaders who will make an impact on the future landscape of communication and its practices in the dynamic technological world.

Mission: FAC’s mission is not only to educate its students about today’s communication industry, but to nurture innovative professional communicators who integrate application with theory.

Underpinning the vision and mission of FAC is the spirit to cultivate exceptional communicators with a communication edge to confidently articulate ideas, effectively craft messages, eloquently inspire others and critically reflect on the practice of communication in tandem with change.