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The Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC) is a dynamic learning institution that provides education opportunities in communication studies.

It offers Foundation in Communications, Diploma in Applied Communications, Bachelor of Communications (Strategic Communications) and post-graduate programs.

FAC has been awarded a 6-STAR rating by Talentbank and ranked as the No. 1 faculty for Communication Studies by Kantar, which is a recognition of its exceptional educational standards and the quality of its graduates.

FAC aims to produce a generation of graduates who possess exceptional communication skills and a high level of employability across disciplines.

The faculty’s vision is to develop innovative communication leaders who will make an impact on the future landscape of communication and its practices in the dynamic technological world, while upholding the values of ethics, excellence, and inclusivity.

Its mission is to educate and nurture innovative professional communicators who integrate application with theory and strive to make a positive impact on society through their work.