Teaching Labs



Location: CR1024

Computers, Smartboard, LCD Monitors.

Micro Fabrication Lab

Location: CR3048

Heater, probe station, Karl Suss Contact Aligner, Stereoscope, Thermal evaporator.

Most of the facilities are used by our postgraduate students under Master of Engineering Science (By Research) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Engineering (By Research). For example, Karl Suss Contact Aligner is used for lithography applications in the field of 3D packaging, advanced packaging, MEMS, LED, compound semiconductors, power devices, photovoltaic, nanotechnology and wafer-level optics. On the other hand, Thermal evaporator is used in physical vapor deposition (PVD) for thin film devices such as OLEDs, solar cells and thin-film transistors.

Intel Microelectronics Lab

Location: AR4020

Computers, Mentor Graphic EDA tool software, Cadence software, Linux, MATLAB.

The Mentor Graphic EDA tool is one of the comprehensive portfolio of electronic design automation (EDA) software used in integrated circuit custom design for applications such as smart manufacturing and automation. Our undergraduate students from Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) (Electronics) will have a hands-on experience in learning this advanced software when they undertake subjects such as EEE4166 Digital Integrated Circuits and EEE3196 Integrated VLSI Systems.

Intel Advanced Architecture Lab

Location: AR3006

NXP FRDM-KL25Z boards, Altera DE1 & DE2 boards, the new Intel UP2 boards and Movidius Compute Sticks.

Electronics Lab 2

Location: AR3004

Analog and digital oscilloscopes, function generator, energy meter, lux meter, solar battery, digital multimeter, dual DC power supply, experimental circuit boards.

To conduct laboratory experimental sessions related to EEL1166 Circuit Theory and EEL2186 Circuits and Signals for all engineering undergraduate students.

Nanotechnology Lab 1

Location: AR1004

Analytical balance, refrigerator, heating mantle, magnetic hot plate stirrer, electric oven, ultrasonic cleaner, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis), spin coater, glove boxes, fume hoods, water bath system, computers.

The equipment are mainly used for chemical based experiments and nanomaterials synthesis by postgraduate as well as undergraduate students under Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) (Electronics majoring in Nanotechnology), who will undertake subjects such as EPE3016 Capstone Project and EPE3046 Final Year Project.

Optical Lab 1

Location: AR4021

Computers, Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (ODTR), oscilloscopes, audio generators.

OTDR is an optical measurement instrument used to characterize optical fiber and network. The equipment is mainly used by our undergraduate students under Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) (Electronics majoring in Telecommunications), who will undertake subjects such as ETN4106 Optoelectronics & Optical Communications, EOP3036 Fabrication & Packaging Technology, EOP3036 Fabrication & Packaging Technology and EOP4066 Optical Communications Systems.

Optical Lab 2

Location: CR3051

DC power supply, TDS 2001c Digital Storage Oscilloscope, function generator, digital laser photometer, low cost LED light measurement system, LED 626 Goniophotometer, polarizer, variable terminators, high speed photo detector, SOL 2A class ABA solar simulator, LED Integrating Sphere, Ed Wave Principles of Optical Waveguide Education Kid.

The equipment in this lab are used for colorimetric measurements,  measurement of luminous intensity distribution curve, luminous intensity, luminous flux, spread angel of light beam, In- IF, IF-VF, and electrical characteristics of LEDs. It can be widely used for quality inspection and laboratory measurements.

The equipment are mainly used by our postgraduate as well as undergraduate students under Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) (Electronics majoring in Telecommunications), who will undertake subjects such as ETN4106 Optoelectronics & Optical Communications and EOP4066 Optical Communications Systems.

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PCB Workshop

Location: AR3009

PCB UV Laminator, PCB developing and etching tanks, PCB cutter, PCB CNC machines.

The equipment in this lab is used to cut, perform photolithographic design transfer and etching process for PCB fabrication. They are mainly used by our postgraduate as well as undergraduate students under Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) (Electronics).

Engineering Foundation Lab

Location: AR1007

DC power supply, oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter, pendulum experimental sets.


The equipment are mainly used by our Foundation in Engineering students.

Other Labs


Name of Laboratory Location Equipment
Nanotechnology Lab 2 AR1005 Computers, Keithley Source Measure Unit, Keithley 100K/1MHz C-V Analyzer, Keithley Quasistastic C-V Meter, Micromanipulator Probe Base Machine, Mircomanipulator Precise Positioner
Project Lab AR1001 DC power supply, oscilloscope, 100 MHz digital oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, universal programmer
Intel Multi-core Lab AR1009 Computers
Multimedia Computing Lab AR2007 Computers with softwares installed (Matlab R2018a, Scilab 6.1.0, Emu8086, Ubuntu, Cadence Orcad Pspice)
Microprocessor Lab AR2006 Computers, oscilloscope, multimeter ,function generator, INTEL MCS microcontroller system, 8051 controller hardware kit stepper motor, light sensor module, IC temperature sensor trainer, pressure sensor trainer,  dc power supply.
Control and Automation Lab AR2005 Oscilloscope, function generator, dc power supply, digital multimeter, dc servo motor training system , PLC training kit
Energy Systems Lab AR2004 Computers, electric power technology training systems, earth tester, transformer oil test set, DC motor modules.
Machine & Drive Lab AR2002 Multifunctional dc machine, pendulum machine
Panasonic Lab AR2009 Computers
Computer Networks Lab CR2052 Computers (installed with Windows 10 and PuTTY link), routers, network equipment, networking switch.
Multimedia Design Lab AR3007 Computers
Embedded System & DSP Lab AR3005 Computers, 8051/2 trainer boards
Electronics Lab 1 AR3002 Oscilloscope, function generator, Energy meter, Lux meter, solar battery, digital multimeter, dc power supply, solar battery cells, teslameter, curve tracer, diode & transistor circuit boards, experiment boards, hall-effect experiment setup.
Telecommunications Lab AR4022 Oscilloscope, power supply, function generator, spectrum analyzer, multimeter, LJ Analog Comm Trainer (AM&FM), Communication Service Monitor (CSM), walkie talkie, digital passband data transmission trainer, transmission media simulator trainer, Bytronic education trainer
Applied EM Lab AR4025 SWR meter, klystron power supply, iwatsu oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, audio signal gen, network analyzer, ANAPICO microwave signal, apparatus for microwave experiment, antenna system trainer