Job Prospects

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Electrical.

This major trains the student to acquire expertise in electrical circuits and electromagnetics, with focus on power generation, transmission & distribution, as well as the latest technologies in renewable energy. As an electrical engineer, our graduates have been employed by various companies, such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Telekom Malaysia (TM) Berhad, Schneider Electric Sdn. Bhd. and ABB Sdn. Bhd. Example positions are power plant engineer, power transmission and distribution engineer, electrical maintenance engineer, electric energy mananger, and control and automation engineer.

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Electronics.

Focuses on electronics, semiconductors, microelectronics, embedded systems, VLSI/ULSI designs, robotics and radio frequency electronics, for general and advanced consumer electronics designs, microelectronics, analog and digital ICs and communications. Our electronics engineering graduates have been recruited by the likes of Agilent, Altera, Avago, Digi, Ericsson, Huawei, Infineon, Intel, Mini-Circuits, Maxis, Motorola Solutions, National Instruments, National Semiconductor, Rohde & Schwarz, Silterra, Sony, Telekom Malaysia, Westen Digital, Avago and ZTE. Upon graduation, EE graduates are able to take leadership position in various sectors such as Semiconductor, IC Design, Industrial Automation, Research and development, Electronic Embedded Systems, Technical sales and marketing etc. They can work as Application Engineer, Design Solution Engineer, Research & Development Engineer, Firmware/Embedded Software, Test Application Developer, Product Engineer, PCB Design Engineer, Process Engineer, System Integration Engineer, Computer System Architect and Technical Marketing Engineer.

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Electronics Majoring in Telecommunications.

Focuses on the design & implementation of communication systems for processing and transmitting information, and the creation of applications for mobile phones and Internet-based services. Job prospects can be found in Wired and Wireless Service Providers, Satellite Telecommunication Manufacturers, Internet Service Providers, Customer Premise Equipment Manufacturers, Communication Equipment Manufacturers, Mobile Content and Applications Developers. Employers of our telecommunications engineering graduates include Agilent Technologies, Avago, Axiata, Digi, Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, Intel, Maxis, MIMOS, Motorola Solutions, Samsung, Sony, Telekom Malaysia, ZTE, etc. Possible positions are Communications Network Engineer, Wireless Hardware Development Engineer, Embedded Wireless Software Engineer, Mobile Applications Developer, Telecommunications Equipment Engineer and Sales and Customer Support Engineer.

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Electronics Majoring in Computer.

This major focuses on both the hardware and software aspects of computers and digital systems. This includes Software development, Hardware Manufacturing, Business Computing, Web-based services and Systems support. Over the past 15 years since the inception of our computer engineering programme, our graduates have been sought by employers in the computer and digital industry such as Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Shell, Celcom, Maybank, Digi, Esso, DHL and Accenture. Many graduates also work in companies that are not known as computer companies including Agilent, Astro, Infineon, Maxis, Motorola, National Instruments, Panasonic and TM because computer engineers are needed in every industry.

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Electronics Majoring in Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is an emerging field for the next generation of electronics, materials and devices leveraging on the exploratory potential of nanotechnology. Potential career opportunities are in Nanotechnology, Electronics, Semiconductor, Telecommunication, Optoelectronics, Green Energy and Research and Academic. The graduates may working as Research Engineer/Scientist, Microfabrication Engineer, Test and Characterization Engineer, Process and Device Engineer, Products Reliability Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Process Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Product Engineer, Quality Control/Assurance Engineer, Failure Analysis Engineer, Field Application Engineer, Customer Service Engineer, Telecommunication Engineer, R&D Engineer, Safety Engineer, Sales Engineer, Service Engineer, Facility Engineer and Assistant Lecturer/Tutor. Our nanotechnology engineering graduates have found work in different industrial companies such as Intel Electronics, Freescale Semiconductor, Finisar, Western Digital, Agilent Technologies, Altera Corporation, Huawei Technologies, Telekom Malaysia, ZTE, Flextronics, Avago, Lumiled and AMD.