Motivating Students through Hope & Recovery Sharing Session

More than 150 students attended the sharing session ‘Hope & Recovery” in Cyberjaya and Melaka campus recently. The session was successfully organised by Centre for Alumni, Career Connect and Counselling Unit and the opening ceremony was officiated by Dr Abdullah Sallehuddin Abdullah Salim, the Director of Student Affairs Division (STAD).

The sharing session aimed to address the mental health issue including emotional, psychological and social well-being among the students. It also covered the role of education, which also incorporated on getting the right support and responding to any issues that might affect their learning process.
MMU’s alumni were invited to be the speakers of the sessions including Mr. Loh Chee Koon, Malaysian’s One-Armed Athlete (FCM, Class of 2002), Ms. Ts. Samini Subramaniam, MMU Lecturer (FCI, Class of 2012), Ms. Anne-Marie Sasha Madhavan, Director for Theatre (FOB, Class of 2016) and Mr. Wilson Tan Wee Xin, Tapeout Engineer (FET, Class of 2015). In addition, MMU Counsellors namely Ms. Ramizah Alasri, Ms. Atiqah Jani and Ms. Noridayu Ahmad were also amongst the inspiring speakers in the programme.

MMU appreciates and embraces the returning of Permata Dunia @ Gems as they play a crucial role in shaping the development of the alma mater.