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Simulating a Press Conference for Hands-on Learning

Press Conference Side9 MAY 2017 – Students of Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) Strategic Communication staged a mock press conference today at the campus Corporate Communication Unit’s Presentation Room. As part of their project requirement, the mock press conference gives students the opportunity to gain a better understanding on the functions of a public relations practitioner in the media industry.

Students, when participating in the simulation as media or audience members, were encouraged to ask the presenting group tough questions to dial up the realism of the event. “We got a sense of how difficult it is to run a press conference, and the importance of preparation to ensure the event is sound and effective,” quipped one of the students when asked about her main takeaway from the event.

One of the student groups produced a media kit using QR codes to let press members obtain event information on the go. It was part of their imagining of the evolution of public relations in the digital age.

The students did all the ground work from stage design, preparation of props and the arrangement of seating plans for guests.

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