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MMU5 Team Shares Excellent Journey of Winning Best Design Award at VEX Robotics World Championship

MMU5 Team Shares Excellent Journey of Winning Best Design Award at VEX Robotics World Championship


After its clean sweep victory at Malaysia Open VEX Championship 2017 in February, the Multimedia University’s innovators who represented Malaysia to VEX Robotics World Championship 2017 (VEX Worlds 2017) in Louisville, United States later reached a higher point where the raring to go team, better known as “MMU5”, took home the Design Award in the VEX U World Championship – Innovate Division.

Following the domestic success, a new contingent comprising four students and one lecturer from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) was formed. They wasted no time in enhancing the technical drawing, machining of parts, electronics assembly, and software programming and testing. The major challenge of VEX Worlds 2017 was to achieve the highest scores by throwing the most “stars” and “cubes” to the opponent zone over a fence, and to climb and hang on a cylindrical pole. The coordination between the autonomous and manual operation was very important to ensure maximum scoring within two-minute’s time.

MMU5 departed to the world tournament held at Kentucky Exposition Centre, Louisville on 17 April. Coming down after 32 hours of long transit flights, MMU5 immediately gained strengths and reassembled their robots for the perceptibly high-level competition. There were 62 teams from different nations including United States, New Zealand, China, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Colombia, Paraguay, etc. so this was a real opportunity to see the technological advancement of other countries’ teams, in terms of robots innovation, as well as competing with them.

After 10 rounds of intense competitions in the preliminary matches, MMU5 was however outmatched by their intercontinental opponents and stopped short of progressing into the quarterfinals. Nevertheless, MMU5 was among the few top scorers in the “high hang” challenge in the matches. In the end, 22 April 2017 became a historic day as MMU5 took home the Design Award for coming out with the best design approach and excellent engineering notebook.

To MMU5, VEX is more than just a normal competition. This kind of dream should continue from one generation of students to another, especially in MMU. Beyond the robots innovation, the students also developed good teamwork, maintained good relationship with fellow students and lecturers, and sweetly preserved the good name of Multimedia University (MMU) and Malaysia at the world stage.