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FOM’s Battle of the Board Game Prototype

A Board Game Prototype Design Exhibition and Competition was held on 29th September 2017 at Faculty of Management (FOM). This project was a collaboration between FOM (Marketing Unit) and SPM Syarikat Permainan Sdn. Bhd to provide an opportunity to the students to experience the process of new product development and participation in an exhibition.

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The project was integrated to the subject “Product Planning and Management” taught by Dr. Tan Booi Chen. In the assignment, students were asked to improve the existing board game (i.e., Vocable Junior or Sahibba Kanak-kanak) and develop a prototype to be tested among the kids between 5 and 9 years old and presented during the day of exhibition. The board game must be factually correct, informative and fun to play among the kids.

All prizes were sponsored by SPM Syarikat Permainan Sdn. Bhd and presented by the Director, Mr. Ting Ted Sun. He was one of the judges together with Dr. Melissa W. Migin and Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun Sarwar, the Programme Coordinator and Assistant Programme Coordinator of BBA (Hons) Marketing with Multimedia. Reports on the use test, feature comparison, launch strategy, and Facebook business page inclusive of promotional video were submitted to be adjudicated together with the board game prototype.

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Finally, team “VOCABATTLE” was awarded RM600 for the first prize, team “GENIE” was awarded RM400 for the second prize, and team “VOCABLE JUNIOR X” was presented RM200 for the third prize. Students were very excited and agreed that the project had helped them to discover their creativity and cultivate their entrepreneurial spirits.