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Behind the Scenes at Astro Awani

4 MAY 2017 – Students from the Faculty of Applied Communication paid a visit to ASTRO Awani’s headquarters in Bukit Kewangan, Kuala Lumpur today, to get some exposure to the broadcasting working environment.

Upon arrival, the students were warmly greeted by the Senior Assistant Vice President of Strategic Alliance, Regulatory & Stakeholders Mr. Azhar Zainal, Editorial Operation Manager Mr. Azizi Abdullah and their teams.

The first session of the visit started with brief introduction by Deputy Chief Editor Mr. Kamarul Bahrin Haron. It was an interesting session with Kamarul, followed by a briefing on the forthcoming program at ASTRO Awani by ASTRO Awani’s News Anchor, Mr. Ashwad Ismail. It was an interactive session where students were able to pose questions particularly with regards to their roles as AWANI Rangers.

Later on, the students were given a tour of ASTRO Awani’s facilities and infrastructure that included an explanation of its satellite uplink and downlink operations, a tour of its high definition control room and visit to the television broadcast floor. Students also had the opportunity to see a live broadcast of the news.  They also received an impromptu lesson at the studio from Azizi with an explanation of how camera and lighting works. The students were able to see, first-hand, the techniques and processes of news broadcast and recording.

The 3 hours visit soon came to an end with Ashwad and his colleagues giving a summary of the tour’s highlight and future career opportunities for the students. The students took every opportunity to gain insights and seek advice from ASTRO Awani’s renowned and experienced media practitioners.

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