Foundation in Engineering

(R/010/3/0087) 12/17 (A8671)

The one-year Foundation in Engineering programme is the preferred route for many Malaysians and international students to access engineering courses in Multimedia University. Set in a campus environment that enriches their preparation for degree studies, the programme’s curriculum focuses on delivering preparatory engineering subjects to equip students with strong fundamentals in order to excel with confidence. In addition to analytical and technical knowledge, the programme also focuses on equipping students with critical thinking and interpersonal skills to succeed not only in their undergraduate studies, but more importantly, as independent life-long learners.

After completion of the foundation programme you can opt for a degree programme from either Faculty of Engineering (FOE) or Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET).

Entry Requirements

Programme Educational Objective

To produce students who are well-equipped with the basic knowledge and skills to pursue a degree in Engineering disciplines

Programme Learning Outcomes

PLO1  To acquire basic knowledge and principles of science and engineering

PLO2  To apply basic techniques, skills and engineering principles through class activities and project works

PLO3  To acquire social skill and create awareness of social responsibilities

PLO4  To demonstrate moral and professional ethics and responsibilities

PLO5  To communicate and work effectively as an independent, and as a member/leader of a team in various context

PLO6  To acquire analytical and problem-solving skills

PLO7  To acquire the lifelong learning skills and information management skills

PLO8  To acquire entrepreneurial skills


Contact Information

Programme Coodinator
Ms. Lee Yee Lien

Assistant Programme Coordinator
Ms. Sherry Dalilla Abd Rahim