About the Faculty


Listed in the Top 200 QS World University Rankings in Electrical and Electronic Engineering for three consecutive years in 2015, 2016 and 2017, MMU offers award-winning, practical and industry-ready degrees that will allow you to make a real and lasting impact as an engineer of the future.

Expertise and knowledge are what we seek to empower our students. We are committed to offer programmes that will enhance your depth and perception as well as employability in the field of Engineering. With our industry-led curriculum, lecturers and global industry experts, you will gain not only technical knowledge and skills, but also relevant soft and management skills in tackling some of the most pressing engineering problems in virtually every field of technology.

Former Dean of FOE:

  1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lee Ching Kwang (2018 – 2019)
  2. Prof. Ir. Dr. Wong Hin Yong (2011 – 2018)
  3. Prof. Ir. Dr. Yow Ho Kwang (2009 – 2011)
  4. Prof. Ir. Dr. Lee Sze Wei (2008 – 2009)
  5. Prof. Ir. Dato’ Dr. Chuah Hean Teik (1999 – 2008)


To be a leading engineering faculty with global recognition for creation and dissemination of knowledge.


To cultivate talents who embrace inquiry, inspiration and innovation via excellent engineering programmes, impactful research and strong industry support.

Quick Contacts

Office Faculty General Office +603-8312 5258 Fax: +603-8318 3029
Dean Dr. Ooi Chee Pun +603-8312 5436 cpooi [at] mmu.edu.my
Deputy Deans Dr. Tan Yi Fei +603-8312 5256 yftan [at] mmu.edu.my
Dr. Tan Wooi Haw +603-8312 5380 twhaw [at] mmu.edu.my
Dr. Hezerul Abdul Karim +603-8312 5499 hezerul[at]mmu.edu.my
Manager Ms. Ruziah Ismail +603-8312 5284 ruziah.ismail [at] mmu.edu.my
Ms. Masuhaila Amir +603-8312 5270 masuhaila.amir[at] mmu.edu.my
Ms. Mahaniza Jaafar +603-8312 5259 mahaniza.jaafar[at]mmu.edu.my


Undergraduate Program Coordinators:

1. B.Eng.(Hons) Electronics :

Coordinator Dr. Pang Wai Leong wlpang[at] mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5565
Assistant Dr. Lee It Ee ielee[at] mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5433


2. B.Eng.(Hons) Electronics Majoring in Telecommunication :

Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chuah Teong Chee tcchuah [at] mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5352
Assistant Dr Ivan Ku kccivan[at]mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5515


3. B.Eng.(Hons) Electronics Majoring in Computer :

Coordinator Dr. Sarina Mansor sarina.mansor[at]mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5323
Assistant Dr. Nurul Nadia Ahmad nurulnadia.ahmad[at]mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5479


4. B.Eng.(Hons) Electronics Majoring in Nanotechnology :

Coordinator Dr. Lee Lini linilee [at] mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5487
Assistant Dr Sin Yew Keong yksin[at]mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5334


5. B.Eng.(Hons) Electrical :

Coordinator Dr Siow Chun Lim clsiow[at]mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5427
Assistant Dr. Ngu Eng Eng eengu [at] mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5324


6. Mathematics Subjects in B.Eng.(Hons) Programs :

Coordinator Dr. Tan Wooi Nee yftan [at] mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5431
Assistant Mr. Gan Ming Tao mtgan [at] mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5309


7. Foundation:

Coordinator Ms. Sherry Dalilla Abd Rahim dalilla.rahim [at] mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5365
Assistant Mr. Leong Chia Jian cjleong [at] mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5472


Postgraduate Program Coordinators:

GIE Coordinator:

Dr. Tan Chee Keong tckeong[at]mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5635


1. Master of Engineering in Telecommunications:

Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mardeni bin Roslee mardeni.roslee[at]mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5481


2. Master of Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

Coordinator Prof. Dr. Chinnasamy Palanichamy c.palanichamy[at]mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5463


3. Master of Science in Engineering Business Management:

Coordinator Ir. Dr. Shahruddin Muslimin shahruddin.muslimin[at]mmu.edu.my +603-8312 5301