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  • Dean's Message

    Message from the Dean’s Office

    drnahariah1Given our vision “To be an Asian Premier Management Faculty”, we strive to prepare students, in a global context, both professionally and ethically, for successful careers in the business, government, and non-profit sectors. We have a diverse team of faculty members and staff who are passionate about ensuring the success of our students. We are proud of our network of outstanding alumni who give generously of their time and talents to mentor and support our students; and provide internships, field projects, service learning, and other opportunities to expand learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Our postgraduate and undergraduate business programs are accredited by the hallmark of excellence in management education. Our role is to challenge and inspire students, and ultimately enable them to achieve their potential for both personal and professional growth. Today, we continue to attract a great diversity of students who have drive, confidence, a strong record of achievement and a burning desire to advance the progress of business and society. The faculty has a broad portfolio of successful programmers that are of great demand to both local and international students. Our professors, lecturers and teaching support staff are excellent in both research and teaching, and they are committed to providing students a top-rate business education. The remarkable success of the faculty has been made possible through the dedication and talent of our faculty academicians and staff, the high quality of our students, the achievements of our alumni in diverse organisations and positions of leadership throughout the world. I enthusiastically welcome your interest in the Faculty of Management and please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the staff members for further clarifications and assistance. On behalf of the staff of Faculty of Management at Multimedia University Cyberjaya, I am pleased to welcome you to one of the most exciting moments in your lives of being a part of this wonderful and exciting community.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nahariah Jaffar
    The Dean, Faculty of Management Multimedia University,
  • Vision & Mission


    To be an Asian premier management faculty with global recognition and professional accreditation.


    To inspire graduates to be innovative in meeting industry expectations, able to spearhead entrepreneurial efforts imbued with integrity and professional ethics.

  • Organization Chart (FOM)


Our Programmes

Distance Education


  • 2014
    • KMICe 2014

      Best Paper Award for The Role of Prior Learning, Learning Orientation and Need for Cognition in Individuals Absorptive Capacity in Joint Project Engineering Teams, Proceedings, Knowledge Management International Conference led by Adedapo Ojo, Murali Raman and Chong Chin Wei.

    • ITEX 2014

      Silver Medal for CEMAS Project ledy by MINDS.

    • National Innovation Award (2014)

      Top 10 Finalist for the Award organised by Ministry of Science and Technology Malaysia (MOSTI).


  • 2013
    • PECIPTA (2013)

      Gold Medal for CEMAS Project led by UUM, Malaysia.

    • MMU Best Researcher Award 2013

      Under the Professor Category.


  • 2008

    Teaching Excellence Commendation from Monash University Malaysia

    Highest score for the school of Business in 2007-2008.

  • 2007

    MMU’s Teaching Excellence President’s Award for 2006-2007

  • 2006

    MMU’s Teaching Excellence President’s Award for 2005-2006.

  • 2005

    Graduate Fellowship (2004-2005)

    Awarded by Claremont Graduate University.

Our Research

  • Overview

    Research at FOM

    FOM R&D Mission Statement: To produce research of the highest quality, to support and enhance the faculty’s academic programmes, and contribute to the creation of knowledge and ideas that generate economic, social and cultural benefits.


    Most of our research is organised thematically through our four academic departments:

    • Accounting: research topics including balance scorecard, internal audit, corporate governance, taxation, financial reporting, performance management , management accounting and control.
    • Management and Marketing: research topics including and not limited to knowledge management, innovation management, supply chain management; Human resource management, organisational behavior, entrepreneurship, services management and consumer behavior.
    • IT, Law, and Quantitative Methods: research topics including decision analysis and support, E-Commerce, IT management, cyberlaw and intellectual property rights.
    • Finance and Economics: research topics including knowledge economy, international economics, social economics, corporate finance, investment, behavioural finance, banking, Islamic finance, financial economics and financial risk management.


    The research portfolio supports and strengthens the faculty’s seven undergraduate programmes, three distance education programmes and postgraduate programmes:

    • Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)
    • Bachelor of Electronic Commerce (Hons)
    • Bachelor of Financial Engineering (Hons)
    • Bachelor of Business Administrations (Hons) Finance with Multimedia
    • Bachelor of Business Administrations (Hons) Marketing with Multimedia
    • Bachelor of Business Administrations (Hons) Management with Multimedia
    • Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Analytical Economics
    • Bachelor of Management (Hons)
    • Bachelor of Management (Hons) Human Resource Management
    • Bachelor of Management (Hons) Marketing Management
    • Master of Accounting
    • MPhil
    • PhD


    In addition, much cross-disciplinary research takes place within our research centres:

    • Centre for Knowledge and Innovation Management (CEKIM)
    • Centre of Excellence for Business Performance (CeBP)
    • Center for Consumer Research & Education (CeCORE)


    Our research activities include:

    • Government funded research projects
    • Industry funded research projects and consultancies
    • International agencies funded research projects
    • Internally funded research projects
    • Research publication in academic journals, books, monographs, proceedings, etc.
    • Networking events such as lecture series, industrial talks, industrial visits, seminars, etc.
    • Provision of workshops, symposium, conferences and exhibitions.


    Research is central to FOM’s range of activities. Our research focuses on the issues relevant to businesses, leaders and governments both at home as well as globally. The research work is key in helping the faculty carving our niche as a knowledge hub in the field of accounting, finance, economics, management and marketing education.


    The faculty has a long-term commitment to quality research resulting from the deeply embedded research culture among its members. The aim is knowledge advancement through theoretical and applied discipline-based research. The outcome is published in top academic journals, and creates impact through provision of practical solution for, as well as engagement of various stakeholders.

  • CeCORE

    The Centre for Consumer Research and Education (CeCORE)




    The Centre for Consumer Research and Education (CeCORE) was established in the year 2009 with the objective of capitalizing MMU’s expertise in various areas of research on marketing and consumer issues and educate the consumer society through relevant programmes.


    (1) To be of the influencers in national consumer issues from research-based perspectives.
    (2) To be recognized as a productive and expert referral body in the development of guiding principles and justifications for the effectiveness of our participation and relations with our stakeholders.


    (1) To investigate, anticipate and identify changes within the consumer society, in consumer behaviour and in the market and to share consumer research knowledge.
    (2) To strengthen the consumer perspective in the national policies on innovation, technology, consumer affairs and industry.

     Strategic Objectives

    (1) To raise the consumer perspective

      • Greater role afforded in horizontal policy to the anticipation of consumer trends and understanding of consumer affairs.
      • o Consumer research knowledge recognizes as a starting point for consumer, competition, industrial and innovation policies.

    (2) To be a nationally recognised research centre

      • Systematic and interactive preparing of CeCORE research projects
      • Anticipatory ability and imitativeness in planning and preparing of national and international research programs.

    (3) To be a leader in the dissemination of consumer research knowledge.

    • Availability of necessary resources and expertise
    • Update and revise of CeCORE’s information systems

    CeCORE’s Field Research

    The main area of research for CeCORE is marketing, focusing on themes of special importance to consumer issues.

    Dr. Noor Ashikin Binti Mohd Rom

    Centre for Consumer Research and Education (CeCORE)
    Faculty of Management
    Multimedia University
    Persiaran Multimedia
    63100 Cyberjaya
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

  • CeBP

    Centre of Excellence for Business Performance (CeBP)



    CeBP is one of the many centers of excellence established in Multimedia University. It was established in year 2011 and is housed in the Faculty of Management, Cyberjaya. CeBP was established upon the premise that an alliance be established between CeBP based researchers and private and governmental organizations on the other hand.


    This symbiotic relationship is envisioned to pave the way for the enhancement of organizational performance and the generation of a body of research that is reflective of our times and culture. CeBP will enable researchers who are members of this center to work closely with private and governmental organizations for the ultimate purpose of enhancing organizational performance. Private and governmental organizations will also be able to leverage on the skills and abilities of a pool of CeBP researchers who will be able to exhibit neutrality and transparency in the
    research process.




    To be a high quality research center of excellence in accounting, finance, economics and entrepreneurship.




    To pave the way for enhancing the generation of  the body of research  on business performance by establishing an alliance between CEBP-based researchers on the one hand,  and  with  industry and government organizations on the other. This may be achieved through:


    • Continual trainings, workshops and consulting services.


    • Interactions and collaborations with local and international academic institutions and industry and government bodies to facilitate knowledge sharing.


    • Serving and supporting the business and community.


    • Promoting the development of collective dominant themes of profitability, productivity, quality and sustainability.


    Chong Lee-Lee, PhD.



    Centre of Excellence for Business Performance (CeBP)
    Faculty of Management
    Multimedia University
    Persiaran Multimedia
    63100 Cyberjaya
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


    Email address: cebp@mmu.ed.my

  • Industrial Training

Our People

  • Dean

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Associate Professor Dr. Nahariah Jaffar Management FOM BR0010 +603-8312 5678 E-mail
  • Director (GSM)

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Professor Dr. Saravanan Muthaiyah IT Management FOM BR0005 +603-8312 5768 E-mail
  • Deputy Dean

    Name Role Unit/ Room Phone
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ong Hway Boon Academic Affairs Economics/ FOM BR0016 +603-8312 5719 E-mail
    Dr. Chan Kok Thim Research & Development Finance/ FOM BR0011 +603-8312 5661 E-mail
    Dr. Mariati Norhashim Staff & Student Affairs Accounting/ FOM BR0014 +603-8312 5770 E-mail
  • Administration

    Name Position Room Phone
    Noralizah Abd.Ali Manager FOM BR0002 +603-8312 5591 E-mail
    Nik Nor Azma Binti Nik Arif Assistant Manager FOM BR0001 +603-8312 5584 E-mail
    Devaki Lachemen Assistant Manager FOM BR0003 +603-8312 5810 E-mail
    Suhaila Binti Shapiee Administrative Officer FOM BR0009 +603-8312 5583 E-mail
    Azlina Osman Senior Clerk FOM Admin +603-8312 5589 E-mail
    Juliana Mohd. Cidaret Senior Clerk FOM Admin +603-8312 5778 E-mail
    Siti Shahirah Abdul Halim Clerk FOM Admin +603-8312 5593 E-mail
    Mohamad Zazali Zolzaini Assistant Graphic Artist FOM Admin +603-8312 5745 E-mail
    Shahrail Sulaiman Senior Technician FOM AR2004 +603-8312 5783 E-mail
    Mohd Faizul Abdul Fatah Technician FOM AR2004 +603-8312 5640 E-mail
    Zulkefly Yusup Technician FOM AR2004 +603-8312 5756 E-mail
  • Administration (GSM)

    Name Position Room Phone
    Musfiza Mustapa Manager FOM BR0004 +603-8312 5580 E-mail
    Nik Idarwani Nik Ahmad Damian Assistant Manager FOM BR0006 +603-8312 5280 E-mail
    Dalila Fathee Assistant Manager FOM BR0007 +603-8312 5501 E-mail
    Azilawani Zambiri Clerk FOM Admin +603-8312 5280 E-mail
    Noormiza Ghazali Clerk FOM Admin +603-8312 5368 E-mail
    Mohd Harith Jamaluddin Technican FOM Admin +603-8312 5636 E-mail
  • Programme Coordinators
    Name Programme Unit/ Room Phone
    Dr. Mazni Binti Alias BBA (Hons.) Management with Multimedia Management/ FOM BR3029 +603-8312 5490 E-mail
    Dr. Seethaletchumy Thambiah BBA (Hons.) Marketing with Multimedia Marketing/ FOM BR3003 +603-8312 5779 E-mail
    Ms. Zarehan Selamat Bachelor of Finance (Hons.) Finance/ FOM BR3005 +603-8312 5667 E-mail
    Dr. Yvonne Lee Lean Ee Bachelor of Analytical Economics (Hons.) Economics/ FOM BR2020 +603-8312 5184 E-mail
    Dr. Abdullah Sallehhuddin Bin Abdullah Salim Bachelor of Accounting (Hons.) Accounting/ FOM BR3013 +603-8312 5639 E-mail
    Dr. Yap Voon Choong Bachelor of Financial Engineering (Hons.) Finance/ FOM BR2025 +603-8312 5659 E-mail
    Dr. Hasliza Hassan Distance Education Management/ FOM BR2009 +603-8312 5688 E-mail
    Ms. Lilian a/p Anthonysamy Foundation Foundation in Management/ FOM BR2006 +603-8312 5672 E-mail
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chong Chin Wei Executive Master of Business Administration GSM/ FOM BR1008 +603-8312 5653 E-mail
    Prof. Dr. Govindan Marthandan Master of Business Administration GSM/ FOM BR1021 +603-8312 5713 E-mail
    Dr. Aravindan Logeiswaran Doctor of Business Administration GSM/ FOM BR1013 +603-8312 5510 E-mail
  • Professors

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Professor Dr. Prem Lal Joshi Accounting FOM BR2011 +603-8312 5786 E-mail
    Professor Dr. Lai Ming Ming Finance FOM BR3026 +603-8312 5722 E-mail
    Professor Dr. Govindan Marthandan GSM FOM BR1021 +603-8312 5713 E-mail
    Professor Dr. Osman Mohamad GSM FOM BR1014 +603-8312 5716 E-mail
    Professor Dr. Wan Fadzilah Wan Yusoff GSM FOM BR1012 +603-8312 5656 E-mail
  • Associate Professors

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Associate Professor Dr. Chew Kok Wai Management FOM BR3029 +603-8312 5727 E-mail
    Associate Professor Dr. David Yong Gun Fie Management FOM BR0004 +603-8312 5712 E-mail
    Associate Professor Dr. Kamarulzaman Ab Aziz Management FOM BR2004 +603-8312 5686 E-mail
    Associate Professor Dr. Sreenivasan Jayashree Management FOM BR2014 +603-8312 5821 E-mail
    Associate Professor Dr. Ong Hway Boon Economics FOM BR3008 +603-8312 5665 E-mail
    Associate Professor Dr. Tan Siow Hooi Economics FOM BR2007 +603-8312 5658 E-mail
    Associate Professor Dr. Chong Chin Wei GSM FOM BR1008 +603-8312 5653 E-mail
  • Professional 1 & Academic Professional

    Name Position Unit/ Room Phone
    Dr. Alan Giffin Downe Professional 1 Management/ FOM BR3016 +603-8312 5873 E-mail
    Nor Aishah Muyop Professional 1 Law/ FOM BR2019 +603-8312 5776 E-mail
    Dr. Aravindan Logeiswaran Academic Professional GSM/ FOM BR1013 +603-8312 5764 E-mail
    Dr. Ridzwan Bakar Academic Professional GSM/ FOM BR1009 +603-8312 5651 E-mail
    Dr. Zainal Abu Zarim Academic Professional GSM/ FOM BR1022 +603-8312 5201 E-mail
  • Senior Lecturer

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Dr. Abdullah Sallehhuddin Bin Abdullah Salim Accounting FOM BR3013 +603-8312 5639 E-mail
    Dr. Aliza Akmar Omar Management FOM BR3014 +603-8312 5701 E-mail
    Dr. Arnifa Hj. Asmawi Management FOM BR3006 +603-8312 5856 E-mail
    Dr. C.A Malarvizhi Economics FOM BR3012 +603-8312 5679 E-mail
    Dr. Chong Lee Lee Finance FOM BR2007 +603-8312 5647 E-mail
    Dr. Christine Tan Nya Ling IT Management FOM BR3012 +603-8312 5679 E-mail
    Dr. Magiswary Dorasamy IT Management FOM BR2014 +603-8312 5707 E-mail
    Dr. Nasreen Khan Marketing FOM BR2010 +603-8312 5854 E-mail
    Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lan Finance FOM BR3019 +603-8312 5645 E-mail
    Dr. Norhazlin Ismail Economics FOM BR2029 +603-8312 5663 E-mail
    Dr. Patrick Soh Chin Hooi IT Management FOM BR2002 +603-8312 5638 E-mail
    Dr. Seethaletchumy Thambiah Marketing FOM BR3003 +603-8312 5799 E-mail
    Dr. Shaista Wasiuzzaman Finance FOM BR3028 +603-8312 5644 E-mail
    Dr. Tan Booi Chen Marketing FOM BR3025 +603-8312 5721 E-mail
    Dr. Tan Chuie Hong Quantitative Method FOM BR2019 +603-8312 5402 E-mail
    Dr. Tan Siow Kian Management FOM BR2009 +603-8312 5688 E-mail
    Dr. Yap Voon Choong Finance FOM BR2025 +603-8312 5659 E-mail
    Mohd. Fairuz Abd. Rahim Management FOM BR3021 +603-8312 5717 E-mail
    Sabarudin Zakaria Management FOM BR3022 +603-8312 5740 E-mail
    Teh Boon Heng Finance FOM BR3039 +603-8312 5052 E-mail
    Zarehan Selamat Finance FOM BR3005 +603-8312 5667 E-mail
  • Lecturer

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Ahmad Accounting FOM BR3027 +603-8312 5676 E-mail
    Dr. Abdullah Al-Mamun Sarwar Marketing FOM BR3016 +603-8312 5867 E-mail
    Dr. Adedapo Oluwaseyi Ojo Management FOM BR2018 +603-8312 5912 E-mail
    Dr. Choon Shay Wei Economics FOM BR3002 +603-8312 5797 E-mail
    Dr. Hasliza Hassan Management FOM BR2009 +603-8312 5688 E-mail
    Dr. Hasni Mohd. Hanafi Accounting FOM BR2005 +603-8312 5685 E-mail
    Dr. Intan Soraya Rosdi Management FOM BR2024 +603-8312 5711 E-mail
    John Rudolph Raj Quantitative Method FOM BR2008 +603-8312 5681 E-mail
    Dr. Junainah Mohd Mahdee Marketing FOM BR2012 +603-8312 5112 E-mail
    Dr. Koong Seow Shin Economics FOM BR2020 +603-8312 5654 E-mail
    Dr. Mazni Alias Management FOM BR2024 +603-8312 5490 E-mail
    Dr. Melissa Wendy Migin Marketing FOM BR3023 +603-8312 5869 E-mail
    Dr. Nik Mohamad Zaki Nik Salleh Finance FOM BR3007 +603-8312 5669 E-mail
    Dr. Noor Ashikin Mohd. Rom Marketing FOM BR3025 +603-8312 5721 E-mail
    Dr. Olivia Tan Swee Leng Law FOM BR2003 +603-8312 5695 E-mail
    Dr. Rathimala Kannan IT Management FOM BR2015 +603-8312 5696 E-mail
    Dr. Shereen Khan Law FOM BR2029 +603-8312 5694 E-mail
    Dr. Soon Siew Voon Economics FOM BR2013 NA E-mail
    Dr. Yvonne Lee Lean Ee Economics FOM BR2020 +603-8312 5184 E-mail
    Abadan Jasmon Accounting FOM BR3010 +603-8312 5691 E-mail
    Abby Ashraff Saprudin Accounting FOM BR3027 +603-8312 5723 E-mail
    Abdul Aziz Abdul Jalil Accounting FOM BR2021 +603-8312 5864 E-mail
    Anisah Jumaat Management FOM BR2016 +603-8312 5657 E-mail
    Anusuyah Subbarao IT Management FOM BR2011 NA E-mail
    Azleen Shabrina Mohd. Nor Accounting FOM BR3019 +603-8312 5715 E-mail
    Aznur Hajar Abdullah Management FOM BR3028 +603-8312 5726 E-mail
    Dr. Chong Choy Yoke Quantitative Method FOM BR3015 +603-8312 5642 E-mail
    Diyana Abdul Mahad @ Abdul Hamid Quantitative Method FOM BR3004 +603-8312 5234 E-mail
    Goh Han Hwa Economics FOM BR3009 +603-8312 5052 E-mail
    Hamsatulazura Hamzah Accounting FOM BR3004 +603-8312 5853 E-mail
    Haslin Johari Accounting FOM BR3014 +603-8312 5830 E-mail
    Izyan Syazana Awaludin Quantitative Method FOM BR3005 +603-8312 5608 E-mail
    Jimmy Low Jing Hong IT Management FOM BR2018 +603-8312 5766 E-mail
    Kwan Jing Hui Finance FOM BR3015 +603-8312 5682 E-mail
    Lee Boon Leng IT Management FOM BR2018 +603-8312 5612 E-mail
    Meyappan Gopalan IT Management FOM BR3021 +603-8312 5781 E-mail
    Mohamad Iruwan Ghuslan Accounting FOM BR3010 +603-8312 5336 E-mail
    Mohd. Rozaini Mohd. Rejab IT Management FOM BR2002 +603-8312 5976 E-mail
    Nadira Mohamed Isa Quantitative Method FOM BR3018 +603-8312 5785 E-mail
    Norizaton Azmin Mohd. Nordin Finance FOM BR2023 +603-8312 5459 E-mail
    Nurazlin Mohd. Fauzi Marketing FOM BR2010 +603-8312 5772 E-mail
    Nurbani Md. Hassan Accounting FOM BR3007 +603-8312 5683 E-mail
    Nurul Nadia Nordin Quantitative Method FOM BR2022 +603-8312 5641 E-mail
    Noor Shahaliza Othman Economics FOM BR2022 +603-8312 5689 E-mail
    Nor Azliana Aridi Management FOM BR2028 +603-8312 5784 E-mail
    Norzarina Md. Yatim Management FOM BR2028 +603-8312 5662 E-mail
    Pauline Lam Woon Har Accounting FOM BR3025 +603-8312 5721 E-mail
    Rapiah Mohd. Zaini Accounting FOM BR3011 +603-8312 5602 E-mail
    Ruzanna Ab. Razak Quantitative Method FOM BR2016 +603-8312 5616 E-mail
    Salmi Md Zahid Quantitative Method FOM BR3018 +603-8312 5692 E-mail
    Salsiah Mohd Ali Accounting FOM BR2026 +603-8312 7254 E-mail
    Sellywati Mohd. Faizal Accounting FOM BR2015 +603-8312 5574 E-mail
    Dr. Sharmini Gopinathan IT Management FOM BR2013 +603-8312 5517 E-mail
    Shubashini Rathina Velu IT Management FOM BR2013 +603-8312 5666 E-mail
    Sunita Lylia Hamdan Accounting FOM BR2005 +603-8312 5859 E-mail
    Thai Siew Bee Accounting FOM BR3002 +603-8312 5664 E-mail
    Dr. Wan Masliza Wan Mohammad Finance FOM BR3011 +603-8312 5646 E-mail
    Yee Chin Nee Economics FOM BR2022 +603-8312 5641 E-mail
  • Specialist

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Dr. Bahma Sivasubramaniam Law FOM BR2026 +603-8312 5675 E-mail
    Nakha Ratnam Somasundaram Accounting FOM BR2013 +603-8312 5690 E-mail
    Mohd. Nor Ismail GSM FOM BR1010 +603-8312 5474 E-mail
    Dr. Aravindan Logeiswaran GSM FOM BR1013 +603-8312 5764 E-mail
  • Foundation 1 & 2

    Name Position Unit/ Room Phone
    Rekha Thangatorai Foundation Lecturer 1 Foundation In Management/ FOM BR2006 +603-8312 5787 E-mail
    Azrena Mohd. Nor Foundation Lecturer 2 Foundation In Management/ FOM BR2012 +603-8312 5531 E-mail
    Lilian Anthonysamy Foundation Lecturer 2 Foundation In Management/ FOM BR2006 +603-8312 5672 E-mail
  • Principal Lecturer

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Dr. Chin Wen Cheong Quantitative Method FOM BR3020 +603-8312 5249 E-mail
  • Assistant Lecturer

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Maizatul Fateha Mohd. Baidzowi Quantitative Method FOM BR2003 +603-8312 5700 E-mail
    Tharmaraj a/l Selvarajah Management FOM BR2008 +603-8312 5693 E-mail
    Vincent Oh Kim Seng Marketing FOM BR3020 +603-8312 5474 E-mail
  • Foundation Assistant Lecturer

    Name Unit Room Phone
    Nithyaroobini a/p Munian Foundation In Management FOM BR3003 +603-8312 5361 E-mail

Contact Us

Faculty of Management
G Floor, FOM Building Multimedia University
Jalan Multimedia 63100 Cyberjaya Selangor, Malaysia
On-Campus Undergraduate Programmes : Ms. Noralizah Binti Abd Ali/ Nik Nor Azma Binti Nik Arif
Tel: +603 8312 5591/5584
Email: noralizah@mmu.edu.my/ nik.nor.azma@mmu.edu.my

Distance Learning Programme : Ms. Nik Idarwani Binti Nik Ahmad Damian
Tel: +603 8312 5280
Email: nik.idarwani@mmu.edu.my

Post-Graduate & Foundation in Management : Ms. Devaki Lacheman
Tel: +603 8312 5810
Email: devaki@mmu.edu.my