About Us

Welcome to the Faculty of Computing and Informatics, where the passion for learning, teaching and research never cease. The faculty has designed a series of distinctive undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to produce innovative graduates of high caliber. These programmes are taught by academic staff who are dynamic, experienced and caring.

The academic programs are constantly updated to reflect the rapidly changing ICT technologies. Through the dedicated efforts of the faculty community – staff and students, the faculty has produced quality graduates who boast of exceptional employment rate. It is also not uncommon to see students winning prestigious programming and technology competitions such as the Microsoft Imagine Cup, the eGenting Programming Competition and the Cisco Skills Challenge just to name a few.

Our Vision and Mission


To be a prime innovator of ideas, solution provider, and catalyst of change in computing and informatics.


To be an enabler of effective solutions that impact the individual and society.

Dean’s Message


Welcome to Faculty of Computing and Informatics, where we strive to become an international centre of excellence in both teaching and research. We are also actively pursuing collaboration with the industry. Our collaboration partners include multinational corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, Dell-EMC, Cisco, Oracle, Intel, Cloudera, Nokia, EC Council, Google, Sun, Novell, Shell, BT, Celcom, CA, and Motorola. Through such partnerships, our staff and students are able to leverage on the latest technologies driving the global ICT scenes.

To give our students an extra edge in the job market, the faculty also conducts numerous professional certification programs via learning centers such as the Microsoft IT Academy, the Cisco Networking Academy, the Oracle Workforce Development Programme, the Cloudera Academic Partnership Programme, the Sun Academic Initiative and the Novell (Micro Focus) Academic Training Partner.

I hope that the learning experiences that you obtain from the faculty and university will be one that you cherish dearly.

Professor Dr. Ho Chin Kuan
Dean, Faculty of Computing and Informatics
Multimedia University

Our Programmes


Our Research

The research in the faculty is organised into a number of groups, each reflecting common research interests. These groups can be a University Center of Excellence, a Research Center or a Special Interest Group that provide the infrastructure for targeted research and support for both Masters, and Doctorate students and Postdoctoral researchers.

Chairperson Contact
Data Science Institute Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan E-mail
Centre of Visual Computing Prof. Dr. C. Eswaran E-mail
Center for Web Engineering Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haw Su Cheng E-mail
e-Learning for Programming Issues (e-LPI) Special Interest Group Dr. Ian Chai E-mail
Data Management and Knowledge Discovery (DMKD) Special Interest Group Dr. Soon Lay Ki E-mail
Software Modelling and Development Technologies (SMDT) Special Interest Group Dr. Yeoh Eng Thiam E-mail
Assistive Technology Special Interest Group (AssisTech SIG) Dr. Junaidi Abdullah E-mail

Our People

  • Dean

    Name Room Phone
    Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan FCI BR1003 / FCI BR3019 +603-8312 5180 E-mail
  • Deputy Deans

    Name Role Room Phone
    Dr. Goh Hui Ngo Academic Affairs FCI BR1006 / FCI BR3016 +603-8312 5223 E-mail
    Dr. Soon Lay Ki Research Affairs FCI BR1005 / FCI BR2017 +603-8312 5364 E-mail
    Dr. Wan Noorshahida Mohd Isa Students and Staff Affairs FCI BR1010 / FCI BR2004 +603-8312 5252 E-mail
  • Programme Coordinators

    Name Programme Room Phone
    Lee Kian Chin Foundation in IT FCI BR1021 +603-8312 5343 E-mail
    Dr. Chan Gaik Yee B.CS. Software Engineering FCI BR3008 +603-8312 5215 E-mail
    Dr. Khairil Imran Gauth B.CS. Information Systems FCI BR2012 +603-8312 5403 E-mail
    Dr. Wong Ya Ping B.CS. Game Development FCI BR3007 / FCI AR0004 +603-8312 5393 E-mail
    Dr. Ian Chai M.CS. Software Engineering and Software Architecture FCI BR1024 +603-8312 5379 E-mail
  • Adjunct Professors

    Name Profession
    Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
  • Professors and Associate Professors

    Name Room Phone
    Prof. Dr. C. Eswaran FCI BR1013 +603-8312 5831 E-mail
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haw Su Cheng FCI BR3009 +603-8312 5233 E-mail
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ting Choo Yee FCI BR1017 +603-8312 5217 E-mail
  • Principal Lecturers

    Name Room Phone
    Dr. Ian Chai FCI BR1024 +603-8312 5379 E-mail
    Dr. Wong Ya Ping FCI BR3007 / FCI AR0004 +603-8312 5393 E-mail
  • Senior Lecturers

    Name Room Phone
    Dr. Amy Lim Hui Lan FCI BR3030 +603-8312 5218 E-mail
    Dr. Chan Gaik Yee FCI BR3008 +603-8312 5215 E-mail
    Dr. Chua Fang Fang FCI BR4018 +603-8312 5406 E-mail
    Dr. Linda Chua Sook Ling FCI BR3026 +603-8312 5579 E-mail
    Dr. Ho Sin Ban FCI BR3018 +603-8312 5836 E-mail
    Dr. John See Su Yang FCI BR3005 / FCI AR4004 +603-8312 5478 E-mail
    Dr. Junaidi Abdullah FCI BR2008 +603-8312 5255 E-mail
    Dr. Kannan Ramakrishnan FCI BR3003 +603-8312 5405 E-mail
    Dr. Khairil Imran Ghauth FCI BR2012 +603-8312 5403 E-mail
    Dr. Khor Chia Ying FCI BR4007 +603-8312 5232 E-mail
    Dr. Ku Day Chyi FCI BR3012 +603-8312 5044 E-mail
    Dr. Lim Tek Yong FCI BR4011 +603-8312 5289 E-mail
    Dr. Ng Boon Yian FCI BR3015 +603-8312 5337 E-mail
    Dr. Ng Kok Why FCI BR3006 +603-8312 5244 E-mail
    Dr. Tan Saw Chin FCI BR2010 +603-8312 5346 E-mail
    Dr. Tong Hau Lee FCI BR4017 +603-8312 5404 E-mail
    Dr. Wong Lai Kuan FCI BR1018 +603-8312 5248 E-mail
    Dr. Yeoh Eng Thiam FCI BR2011 +603-8312 5398 E-mail
    Goh Chien Le FCI BR2019 +603-8312 5251 E-mail
  • Lecturers

    Name Room Phone Email
    Dr. Bhawani Selvaretnam FCI BR4015 +603-8312 5236 E-mail
    Dr. Foo Lee Kien FCI BR 3024 +603-8312 5399 E-mail
    Dr. Ho Chiung Ching FCI BR3021 +603-8312 5412 E-mail
    Dr. Ian Tan FCI BR4008 +603-8312 5235 E-mail
    Dr. Khor Kok Chin FCI BR3014 +603-8312 5053 E-mail
    Dr. Nabhan D. Salih FCI BR4014 +603-8312 5375 E-mail
    Dr. Ng Hu FCI BR3010 +603-8312 5411 E-mail
    Dr. Ng Keng Hoong FCI BR3011 +603-8312 5269 E-mail
    Dr. Nor’ain Mohd Yusoff FCI BR4009 +603-8312 5247 E-mail
    Dr. Noramiza Hashim FCI BR2007 +603-8312 5237 E-mail
    Dr. Pee Chih Yang FCI BR1025 +603-8312 5408 E-mail
    Dr. Timothy Yap Tzen Vun FCI BR 2018 +603-8312 5260 E-mail
    Albert Quek FIT BR 3004 +603-8312 5298 E-mail
    Angeline Pang FCI BR1020 +603-8312 5467 E-mail
    Aziah Ali FCI BR1014 +603-8312 5969 E-mail
    Bau Yoon Teck FCI BR1019 +603-8312 5214 E-mail
    Chan Wai Kok FCI BR1022 +603-8312 5465 E-mail
    Helmi Mohamed Hussain FCI BR4022 +603-8312 5246 E-mail
    Ibrahim A. Abdurrazaq FCI BR4030 +603-8312 5401 E-mail
    Juliza Mohd Johar FCI BR4024 +603-8312 5250 E-mail
    Khairi Shazwan Dollmat FCI BR2024 +603-8312 5674 E-mail
    Lee Kian Chin FCI BR1021 +603-8312 5343 E-mail
    Lim Siew Ling FCI BR3025 +603-8312 5410 E-mail
    Nathar Shah Bin Packier Mohammad FCI BR2016 +603-8312 5230 E-mail
    Neoh Kee Lin FCI BR4023 +603-8312 5338 E-mail
    Ng Sew Lai FCI BR3022 +603-8312 5397 E-mail
    Norwahida Syazwani Othman FCI BR3028 +603-8312 5680 E-mail
    Nur Azyyati Ahmad FCI BR2006 +603-8312 5779 E-mail
    Rosalind Deena Kumari FCI BR3023 +603-8312 5242 E-mail
    Samini Subramaniam FCI BR3013 +603-8312 5340 E-mail
    Shahbe Mat Desa FCI BR2009 +603-8312 5458 E-mail
    Soo Wooi King FCI BR1023 +603-8312 5759 E-mail
    Suhaini Nordin FCI BR3017 +603-8312 5344 E-mail
    Tong Gee Kok FCI BR3020 +603-8312 5240 E-mail
    Wan Ruslan Yusoff FCI BR4003 +603-8312 5285 E-mail
    William Ban Kar Weng FCI BR4004 +603-8312 5202 E-mail
    Yoong Yih Jian FCI BR3017 +603-8312 5426 E-mail
    Zarina Che Embi FCI BR2015 +603-8312 5265 E-mail
  • Lab Staff

    Name Position Room Phone
    Iskandar Kamel Hj. Mohamed Nor Senior Technician FCI AR1001 +603-8312 5209 E-mail
    Nor Shehah Hj. Isa Senior Technician FCI AR1002 +603-8312 5210 E-mail
    Abdul Razak Roslan Technician FCI AR3004 +603-8312 5211 E-mail
    Azuwan Nizan Kamarudin Technician FCI AR3002 +603-8312 5263 E-mail
    Faozan Hj. Ahmad Zawawi Technician FCI AR2005 +603-8312 5221 E-mail
    Izahanis Ishak Technician FCI AR3006 +603-8312 5208 E-mail
    Mohd Nazim Mat Nor Technician FCI AR3006 +603-8312 5493 E-mail
    Muhd Hambali Hj. Saaman Technician FCI AR3004 +603-8312 5211 E-mail
    Suraiya Mokhtar Technician FCI AR3002 +603-8312 5263 E-mail
  • Admin Staff

    Name Position Room Phone
    Raja Nurul Atikah Raja Othman Manager FCI BR1008 +603-8312 5238 E-mail
    Haniyusri Mohd Yusof Assistant Manager FCI BR1007 +603-8312 5286 E-mail
    Nurul ‘Izza Binti Mohamad Nordan Assistant Manager FCI BR1009 +603-8312 5979 E-mail
    Zulaykha Bakar Administrative Officer / Secretary FCI BR1004 +603-8312 5010 E-mail
    Mohd Hidzer Hamil Clerk FCI General Office +603-8312 5262 E-mail
    Noridawati Mohd Lat Clerk FCI General Office +603-8312 5262 E-mail
    Noriyah Samsuri Clerk FCI General Office +603-8312 5262 E-mail

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Faculty of Computing and Informatics

Multimedia University, Persiaran Multimedia,
63100 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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