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At the Faculty of Cinematic Arts (FCA), we believe in the power of stories and the passion to make great films. And you will start making films right away – from day one. There is nothing better than learning by doing. As a director, writer, producer, cinematographer, sound designer or editor, you will bring your stories to life by using some of the most state-of-the-art production and post-production facilities at a South East Asian film school.

Your education will benefit from our collaboration with the University of Southern California. With 85 years of experience and a long list of Academy Award-winning alumni, USC is consistently rated the number one film school in the world.

Innovative Block Teaching

Two-week hands-on workshops with industry professionals from LA to Taipei, local filmmakers, international visiting professors and experienced full-time lecturers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

FCA’s purpose-build campus in EduCity has motion capture facilities, 180-degree green screen stage, TV studio, 3D cinema, Mac editing lab and plenty of cameras, lights and sound equipment for you to make your films.

World-class Partners

The University of Southern California, Pinewood Iskandar Studios and Imagica are just three of our academic and industry partners that ensure a quality programme and industry-relevant learning.

Full Scholarships

Rhizaphora Ventures offers full and partial scholarships exclusively to students at the Faculty of Cinematic Arts.


To be a globally recognised educational hub in the cinematic arts for emerging Asian markets.


  • To provide excellent education and training for the next generation of cinematic content creators.
  • To nurture a conducive environment for research into the cinematic arts.
  • To cultivate collaboration between industry and academic to create innovative cinematic content.
  • To inspire students to become leaders in their field and contribute to the global creative economics.



  • Teaching Philosophy
    Two-week hands-on workshops with industry professionals from LA to Taipei, local filmmakers, international visiting professors and experienced full-time lecturers.

    The Cinematic Arts Programme is a three-year hands-on degree in filmmaking. Our teaching philosophy builds on three central pillars:


    Story, Story & Story

    “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” Muriel Rukeyser

    Stories are all around us. In the form of films, news, advertising, games, sports, music, politics, Facebook news feeds and so forth, the entertain, educate and inform us. Storytelling is at the heart of most things we do or experience as human beings. We are told stories from the day we are born and continue to tell them until the day we die.

    That is why everything we do at the Bachelor of Cinematic Arts builds on the principles of storytelling: writing, camera work, directing, producing, editing, sound design, art direction, visual effects, documentaries, music videos, advertising all influence the story we tell and all follow storytelling principles.

    Mastering the art of storytelling will be beneficial in every aspect of your life. Using images to do so, fits right into today’s visual culture.

    Practice, Theory & Mentorship

    People learn best by doing. That is why our students are constantly making films – from day one all the way to their graduation. In total, Cinematic Arts students make over a dozen short films, ranging from narrative fiction film or documentary to music video and interactive advertising.

    The best films have something to say. We believe that an interaction of theory and practice yields outstanding ideas and creativity. For our students to become well-informed global citizens, leaders in an emerging media market and highly sought-after professionals, we provide them with the opportunities to study the history and theoretical concepts in their chosen area of practice as well as related fields of knowledge, and allow these theories to influence the students’ professional practice.

    Mentorship from full-time lecturers and industry professionals will accelerate the synergy of theory and practice and stimulate critical reflection, intellectual growth and interpersonal communication – helping you to realise your personal goals and develop into a well-rounded member of our increasingly global society.


    The creative industries, locally and globally, are full of exciting opportunities for artists with an entrepreneurial mind set. We foster entrepreneurial thinking and practices to put our students into the best position to seek out and grab these opportunities.

  • Learning Experience

    First Year 

    Year 1 of the Cinematic Arts programme exposes students to the main areas of the filmmaking process. You will make films alone or in small groups, performing the tasks of a producer, director, cinematographer or editor on at least one of the projects.

    • Cinematic Arts Design 1 & 2
    • Film Study 1 & 2
    • Production
    • Principles of Directing and Acting
    • Storytelling and Screenwriting Fundamentals
    • Lighting
    • Post Production 1
    • Sound Design

    Second Year 

    After getting to know the entire filmmaking process in Year 1, you will have the chance to focus on two areas of specialisation in Year 2. In addition to advanced electives, you can choose whether you want to work as writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, sound designer or art director on the film projects throughout the second year.

    • New Modes of Cinematic Arts Design 1
    • New Modes of Cinematic Production
    • VFX and 3D Technology
    • Documentary Design
    • Fundamentals of Documentary
    • Asian Cinema


    • Post-Production 2
    • Advance Screenwriting
    • Advance Production
    • Producing
    • Motion Capture
    • Directors
    • Animation
    • Mobile Cinema

    Third Year 

    The final year is one of professionalisation. Industry mentors will help you create a professional graduation film. Research modules and electives allow you to immerse yourself in your area of interest. And modules in Entrepreneurship and Portfolio Preparation prepare you for the professional world.

    • Cinematic Arts Design Project 1 & 2 (FYP)
    • Cinematic Applications
    • Portfolio Preparations
    • Cinematic Research Project
    • Professional Practice and Management
    • TV Production



  • 2015 Achievements

    Crime Prevention Video Competition (Malaysia) (2015) – Won First Prize

    European Film Festival  (2015) in Germany – 19 FCA student short film screened

    Malaysia Student Film Festival (2015) – won Third (3rd) place for best Documentary

  • 2016 Achievements

    “Suraya” – Best Film Award & Best Film (Narrative Category) – Asian Youth Indie Film Festival 2016 (AYYIF)

    “Suraya” – top 5 nominees for Short Film, Malaysia Film Festival

    Thai Short Film and Video Festival (2016) – Two FCA student film selected to screen.

    Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival (2016) – Won Action 10 narrative category

    Toronto Take 21 Film Festival (2016) – Best International Short Film

    Seoul International New Media Festival (2016) – FCA student short film screened in Korea

    Astro’s Vaanavil Short Film Contest (2016) – Won second place

  • 2017 Achievements

    “Vani: A flower in the void” – Best Documentary, Real to Reel Global Youth Film Festival

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