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    Message from the Dean’s Office


    Warmest Greeting


    Welcome to the Learning Institute for Empowerment or better known as LiFE. The acronym LiFE is a new perspective on today’s education, which entails the hybridization and fusion of EQ and IQ leading to personal growth and holistic creation of an educated society. It aims to transform the students and equip them with a set of flexible and transferable skills by being reflective, receptive, open-minded and equipped for today’s dynamic and diverse environment.


    The objective of setting-up LiFE is reflective of its vision: a leading institute in nurturing a lifelong passion for learning and its mission of producing lifelong learners with inquiring minds and inspiration to innovate, through education, engagement and empowerment.

    The word empowerment, simply, means to bequeath power. The institute is poised for empowering learners in the development of knowledge, skills and abilities to regulate, take initiatives, and to develop ownership of their own knowledge and education.


    LiFE’s academic programmes, i.e. Foundation in English and Bachelor of Communication (Strategic Communication) (Hons) offer students the opportunity to integrate theory with emerging new technology and real world practices, and to adapt with the ever changing demands of the community, society, nation and the world. Professional internship and practical exposure are aimed at giving students transformational experiences and confidence to join the workforce. We are in the midst of developing more programmes at the Diploma, Degree and Masters in Strategic Communication.


    LiFE extends the learning opportunities on campus by offering and delivering quality academic and professional competency of extension functionaries to tailor the needs of the industrial requirements.  It provides new strategies, concepts and ideas to meet the social needs of all types, be it classroom, society or workplace, with a unifying sense of purpose and direction. Collaborations in professional relationships focus on the improvement of education in schools, communities and workplaces.


    “LiFE is a precious gift of God;
    Nurture it, love it, cherish it and live it to its fullest;
    Continue to acquire knowledge, and the power to learn;
    Empower it!”

    Welcome to LiFE

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Madhubala Bava Harji

  • Mission and Vision


    To be a leading institute in nurturing a lifelong passion for learning


    To produce lifelong learners with inquiring minds and inspiration to innovate, through education, engagement and empowerment

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  • Students


    Students taking the Japanese Language for Beginners (Foreign Language subject under LiFE) have been required to participate in the Japanese Kit Contest as part of their assignment. This was to encourage students to be creative in learning and exploit the knowledge that they have learned in the classroom through the competition. The students were required to integrate vocabulary, grammar and the Japanese culture that they have learned in the classroom and compose a script led by their lecturer. They also had to do their own footage.

    One group has successfully won the BRONZE PRIZE and the other TWO groups have been short-listed.

    MMU has proudly occupied 3 places out of 6 short-listed works, including the Bronze Prize. Also, we are the only private university that has won prizes in this national level competition.

    The group of students that have acclaimed the bronze prize is as follows:

    Chin Sze Ling ID: 1111113445                  FOM
    Yap Yi Ping ID: 1111113344                  FOM
    Chong Suet Yee ID: 1111114022                  FOM
    Siow Pui Shan ID: 1111114022                  FOM
    Muhammad  Adhwa’ bin M.D.H Zainalee ID: 1091105707                  FOM


  • Staff


    Raeidah Ariff at the 2nd International Postgraduate Conference of Social Science Research 2015″ in Langkawi from 4-5 August 2015.



    Masyitah Mahadi at the (International Postgraduate Network) IPN Conferences 2015 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from 28-29 August 2015.

     masyitah_best presenter



In line with the focus on creation and dissemination of new knowledge in teaching and learning, LiFE has set up a Special Interest Group. It is based on three criteria which is aligned to LiFE’s field of interest namely;
• English
• Social Science and Communication
• Education Technology

The main objective of these SIG groups is to group academicians with similar interests in a specified field of research. This is to encourage them to work on specific research driven projects which will be shared in research colloquiums that will bring SIGs together. 



LiFE or FOSEE (before June 2013) has organised and conducted many short courses and trainings for local and international participants. Below are the lists of courses run by LiFE.

Local Training programmes
Malaysian University English Test Seminar
MARA English and Mathematics Preparatory Programme
Workplace English Programme – Intermediate (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri)
Workplace English Programme – Intermediate (Ministry of Education)
Better Spoken English ((Ministry of Education)
Kursus Asas Komputer
Kursus Database (Ms Access)
E- Grammar Project
Basic English Communication Programme
Intensive English Language Programme Short Course
Yayasan University Multimedia – Intensive English programme
Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia – Graduate Employability Outreach Programme
Yayasan University Multimedia – English for Post Doctoral

International Training programmes
International English Programme China
Korean International English Programme
Communicative English for Korean Engineering Students
Communicative English and On-The-Job Training Programme for Korean Offshore and Plant Engineering Students (CE/OTJTP)
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme – Managing E-University
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme – Webpage Design and Dynamic Webpage
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme – Groupware Applications for Electronic Commerce
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme – Instructional Design and Multimedia Contact Development
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme – Dynamic Webpage and Content Management system for e- Procurement
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme – Multimedia Enhanced Instructional System for Education and Training
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme – Security and Privacy in Systems and Environment
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Prograamme – Developing and Managing e-Library




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Fax: +06-2528799


Cyberjaya Campus:
Learning Institute for Empowerment (LiFE),
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