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Diploma in

Digital Motion Graphic New

(N/231/4/0006) 06/22 (MQA/PA8498)
Commence in November 2017 Intake

The Diploma in Digital Motion Graphic is an immersive programme adaptation from the leading media production house focusing on visual design and technical skills with a diversity of usages in digital multimedia application. The focal point of this programme is to merge creative skills with industry professionalism by inducing practical knowledge and increasing enthusiasm in both academic and industry.

The students will be able to produce professional attention-grabbing communication design for the digital media industry such as animation, high-def film, TV broadcast, motion advertising, entertainment, infotainment, web & mobile app design, corporate communications and performing arts. The course covers modules in the application of graphic design, mobile interface design, moving visual, broadcast design, digital compositing and 3D content throughout 7-trimester of classes. The syllabus was designed to enable the students to complete impressive motion graphic projects that showcases their skills and create a professional portfolio to impress potential employers.
Upon graduation, the students will be fundamentally equipped for the media industry and have the opportunity to pursue further studies in specialized areas.

Programme Educational Objectives:

● To produce innovative and highly skilled digital designers to the multimedia and production industry.
● To produce technically competent designers with strong inquiring mind to adapt to any production workflow.
● To develop inspiring and professionals designers that stimulates growth of the creative industry).

Programme Outcomes:

● Ability to acquire and apply design principles.
● Acquisition of technical competence in areas of Digital Motion Graphic.
● Adhere to guidance and directions with minimum supervision.
● Integrate professionalism and commitment while working collaboratively.
● Able to communicate effectively through presentation skills.
● Able to solve technical problems innovatively through exploration.
● Able to be an enterprising multimedia content designer
● Committed and motivated to self-development within the Digital Motion Graphic industry

Job Prospects:

● Motion Graphic Artist
● Compositor
● Layout Artist
● FX Artist
● Production Designer
● 3D Artist
● Graphic Designer
● 3D Game Designer
● Video Editor
● Sound Designer

● Digital Artist
● Mobile App Designer
● Photographer
● Videographer
● Web Designer
● Motion Capture Artist
● Visual Artist



Entry Requirements

Either of the following:

  • Pass  O- level or its equivalent with minimum of grade C in at least three (3) subjects, inclusive of English;


  • A minimum score of 5.0 for IELTS or its equivalent

Either of the following:

  • Pass SPM / O- level or its equivalent with minimum of grade C in at least three (3) subjects inclusive of English
  • Pass UEC with minimum of grade B in at least three (3) subjects  and a pass in English;
  • Pass Certificate in related field  from a recognized institution and a credit in English at SPM Level or its equivalent


Upon completion,
you can opt for these Degree programmes