Bachelor of Business and Knowledge Management (Hons.)

Knowledge Management

Reg. no. : (R2/345/6/1050) 06/22 (A7961)

Effectively managing information and knowledge is becoming an important competitive factor for public and private sector organisations nowadays. The three-year BBA in Knowledge Management is a programme that enables individuals, teams and organisations to collectively and systematically create, share and apply knowledge to better achieve their goals and objectives. Thus, the objective of this programme is to produce graduates equipped with the skills and attitude in becoming key players in this exciting field. Successful graduates of this programme will also be awarded the SAP University Alliance Certification.

This programme is multi-disciplinary in nature, thus students will partake in a combination of subjects such as:


    • Knowledge Management
    • Information Systems
    • Database and Systems Analysis
    • Business Application Development
    • Knowledge Auditing
    • Knowledge-Based Business System

Besides theoretical subjects, the programme involves real-life case studies, field trips and interactive teaching approaches that maximise learning outcomes. Apart from these, students will also undergo a three-month industrial training with various related companies to choose from. Graduates will have career prospects in various fields including Knowledge Management, Business, Information Systems, Human Resource and Strategic Planning. The faculty is proud to share that our alumni thrive in stellar companies such as IBM, Petronas, Shell, MMU, Intel, Iris Solution, General Electric and many more.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Graduates are expected to be enterprising and principled individuals who hold significant positions in diverse organisations.
  • Graduates are capable of handling business and knowledge management functions.

Programme Outcomes

  • Acquire fundamental knowledge in business and management.
  • Interpret and evaluate relevant information in order to make business decisions.
  • Make socially responsible decisions in various business issues.
  • Adopt professional values and attitudes in various business and social situations.
  • Communicate, lead, and collaborate effectively in a team.
  • Formulate workable solution systematically to solve business problems.
  • Demonstrate managerial and entrepreneurial skills in diverse situations.
  • Gather and use relevant information for continuous self-development.

Entry Requirements

Either of the following:
  • Pass Foundation from a recognized institution
  • Pass A Level or its equivalent with 3 Principals inclusive of Mathematics / Economics / Accounting / Business Studies, and a pass in Mathematics and English at O level or its equivalent
  • Or Pass in Diploma from a recognised institution


  • A minimum score of 5.0 for IELTS or its equivalent
Either of the following:
  • Pass Foundation / Matriculation from a recognised institution.
  • Pass STPM / A Level or its equivalent with 3 Principals inclusive of Mathematics / Economics / Accounting / Business Studies, and a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level
  • Pass STAM with minimum grade Jayyid in 2 subjects  and a pass in  Mathematic  and English at SPM or its equivalent
  • Pass UEC with minimum of grade B in at least five (5) subjects inclusive of Mathematics and English
  • Pass Diploma from a recognised institution

Programme Availability

Melaka Campus