Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.)

International Business

Reg. No. : (R2/340/6/0111) 03/22 (MQA/FA2053)

Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in International Business is a three-year programme that provides students with the knowledge and skills required to be a competent international business experts. Accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), the programme is designed to develop acute global business sense in supporting many types of organisations such as multinational corporations and local government agencies. A solid base programme with proper exposure on international business frameworks from small firms to multinationals, this BBA course is a great choice for the cultivation of borderless business minds.

From the subjects offered, students would be able to demonstrate social, cultural, global and environmental awareness as well as develop healthy mind and enthusiasm towards lifelong learning.The BBA in International Business programme consists of a variety of subjects; among others include:


    • Global Finance
    • International Business
    • International Trade and Policy
    • Global Operations Management
    • International Management

Apart from the conventional academics acquisitions, students would also experience industrial exposure when they undergo an internship semester under this programme. Our graduates are expected to meet the demands in various managerial positions in areas such as marketing, policy-making, operations and also business development.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Graduates are expected to be enterprising and principled individuals who hold significant positions in diverse organisations.
  • Graduates are capable of handling international-oriented business functions.

Programme Outcomes

  • Acquire fundamental knowledge in business and management.
  • Interpret and evaluate relevant information in order to make business decisions.
  • Make socially responsible decisions in various business issues.
  • Adopt professional values and attitudes in various business and social situations
  • Communicate, lead, and collaborate effectively in a team.
  • Formulate workable solution systematically to solve business problems.
  • Demonstrate managerial and entrepreneurial skills in diverse situations.
  • Gather and use relevant information for continuous self-development.

Entry Requirements

Either of the following:
  • Pass Foundation from a recognized institution
  • Pass A Level or its equivalent with 3 Principals inclusive of Mathematics / Economics / Accounting / Business Studies, and a pass in Mathematics and English at O level or its equivalent
  • Or Pass in Diploma from a recognised institution


  • A minimum score of 5.0 for IELTS or its equivalent
Either of the following:
  • Pass Foundation / Matriculation from a recognised institution.
  • Pass STPM / A Level or its equivalent with 3 Principals inclusive of Mathematics / Economics / Accounting / Business Studies, and a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level
  • Pass STAM with minimum grade Jayyid in 2 subjects  and a pass in  Mathematic  and English at SPM or its equivalent
  • Pass UEC with minimum of grade B in at least five (5) subjects inclusive of Mathematics and English
  • Pass Diploma from a recognised institution

Programme Availability

Melaka Campus