Business Support


Business Support

All business-related affairs related to both internal and external customers are systematically managed and supported by MMU’s Business Unit. Among the opportunities offered by the unit include:

  • Fixed Business Lot
  • MMU Souvenirs
  • Kiosk
  • Advertisement
  • Business Promotional Activities (BPA)
  • Telecommunication
  • Vending Machine
  • Facilities for Rent
  • Fixed Business Lots/Premises

    Fixed Business Lot offers potential business partners the opportunity to operate their businesses with longer commitments within MMU campuses. Find out more about these lucrative opportunities and their status in the list provided:

    No. Premise Location Status
    1 Cafe Tau Central Plaza Vacant
    2 Delight Bakery Central Plaza Occupied
    3 FCM Haji Tapah Cafe Ground Floor, FCM Building Occupied
    4 Bintang Bistro Cafe Ground Floor, FOM Building Occupied
    5 Deen Cafe Ground Floor, STAD Building Occupied
    Printing And Stationery Shop
    No. Premise Location Status
    1 Notes Copy & Print Central Plaza Occupied
    No Status
    1 FCI CR0001 Services Vacant
    2 FIT CR0002 Printing & Photostat Occupied
    3 FIT CR0003 Services Vacant
    4 FIT CR0004 Services Vacant
    5 FIT CR0005 Services Vacant
    6 FIT CR0006 Services Vacant
    7 FIT CR0007 Services Vacant
    8 FIT CR0008 Services Vacant
    Central Food Court (CFC) Building
    No. Premise Location Status
    1 CFC K1 E-BEE Creation Occupied
    2 CFC K2 7-Eleven Occupied
    3 CFC K3 Apple Campus Experience Center Occupied
    4 CFC K4 Services Vacant
    5 CFC K5 Services Vacant
    6 CFC K6 Services Vacant
    7 CFC K7 Tabung Amanah Zakat Occupied
    8 CFC K8 Services Vacant
    9 CFC K9 Services Vacant
    10 CFC K10 Services Vacant
    11 CFC K11 Services Vacant
    12 CFC S1 F&B Occupied
    13 CFC S2 F&B Occupied
    14 CFC S3 F&B Occupied
    15 CFC S4 F&B Vacant
    16 CFC S5 F&B Vacant
    17 CFC S6 F&B Occupied
    18 CFC S7 F&B Occupied
    19 CFC S8 F&B Occupied
    20 CFC S9 F&B Vacant
    21 CFC S10 F&B Vacant
    22 CFC S11 F&B Occupied
    23 CFC S12 F&B Vacant
    24 CFC S13 F&B Occupied
    25 CFC S14 F&B Vacant
    26 CFC S15 F&B Vacant
    27 CFC S16 F&B Vacant
    No. Premise no. Business Type Status
    1 STC Building Photostat & Printing Occupied
    2 Central Plaza Grab & Growl Occupied
    Plaza Siswa
    No. Premise Location Status
    1 R0001 PS Post Office Occupied
    2 R0002 PS Mini Mart Occupied
    3 R0003 PS Laundry Shop Occupied
    4 R0004 PS Telecommunication Shop Occupied
    5 R0005 PS Food & Beverages Occupied
    6 R0006 PS Bookshop Occupied
    7 R0007 PS CIMB Bank Occupied
    8 R0008 PS Computer Shop Occupied
    9 R0011 PS Clinik Occupied
    10 R1003 PS Western Food Occupied
    11 R1004 PS Drinks & Desserts Occupied
    12 R1005 PS Thai Food Occupied
    13 R1006 PS Mixed Rice Occupied
    14 R1007 PS Drinks & Desserts Occupied
    15 R1008 PS Malay Food Occupied
    16 R1009 PS Chicken Rice Occupied
    17 R1010 PS Middle East Food Occupied
    No. Premise Location Status
    1 EXH Lot 1 Iranian Food Occupied
    2 EXH Lot 2 Mixed Rice Occupied
    3 EXH Lot 3 Photostat & Printing Occupied
    4 EXH Lot 4 Middle East Food Occupied
    Students Exchange Centre (SEC) Building
    No. Premise Location Status
    1 SEC Lot 1 Photostat & Printing Occupied
    2 SEC Lot 2 Photostat & Printing Occupied
    3 SEC Lot 3 Barber Shop Vacant
  • Business And Promotional Activity (BPA)

    Business And Promotional Activity (BPA) is designed to cater demand from our internal customers including staff, students and external customers planning to promote or sell goods and services within MMU campuses on daily contract. The business promotional activities are inclusive of:

    • Setting up sales booth
    • Demonstratio
    • Distributing brochure
    • Exhibition
    • Other promotional activities (subject to approval)

    There are four categories of BPA, namely:

    BPA for External Customer Exclusively for external vendors (Individual/company) RM50.00 to RM400.00 per space/per-day

    Interested? Get the online BPA Application Form for external vendors here. You can also find out more about the rules and regulations for external vendors BPA here.

    BPA for MMU Students and External vendor Exclusively for collaboration between outside vendors and MMU student clubs or societies within MMU campuses RM35.00 per-vendor/per-day

    MMU student/external vendors can find out more about policies and procedures for this BPA application here.

    BPA for MMU Students Only
    Exclusively for MMU students wishing to operate business but limited to the following:
    • Events or activities solely to generate income for clubs or societies
    • Events or activities for fund-raising purpose through clubs or societies
    • Final year project
    • Course project
    • No charge imposed (subject to approval with adequate verification to support student’s application)

    MMU student can find the BPA Student Activity form here. Find out more about policies and procedures for BPA application here.

    BPA for MMU Internal Vendor Exclusively for MMU’s business premise operators and MMU staffRM50.00 per-vendor/per-staff per-day

    There are four categories of BPA, namely:

    • Misri Plaza
    • Central Plaza
    • Central Food Court
    • Library Foyer
    • CLC Foyer
    • STC Foyer


      • Plaza Siswa
      • Main Hall
      • Mosque Square


    *Note: Other areas are subject to approval from the respective building owner/department/faculty.

  • Facilities For Rent

    MMU caters to the needs of community outside the campus by offering rental service of its facilities for occasions, meeting, seminar, educational programs and games. The facilities available vary from basic equipments (chairs, tables, sofa set, etc.) to halls and rooms, such as:

    Want to know more? A comprehensive list and charges of MMU’s rentable facilities can be found here.

  • Advertisement Spots


    MMU provides strategic advertisement spots that can be utilised for advertising purposes. We offer advertising contract to individual or companies with services ranging from A4 sized ads to billboard advertisement, all at reasonable charges. Please contact our friendly Business Unit personnel for further details and arrangement. Interested? Find out more about MMU’s standard rules and procedures for advertisement¬†here.

  • Dewan Tun Canselor (Cyberjaya)

    A mega hall suitable for prestigious events, Dewan Tun Canselor (DTC) can cater up to 3,500 guests at one time. This prominent MMU landmark offers facilities including main stage, VIP room, giant screen and projector, AV room, Media Conference room, changing room, and a lot more. Please contact our friendly Business Unit personnel for further details and arrangement.

    dtc_pic1 dtc_pic2

    MMU students can find out more about DTC’s policies and application procedures here. Not an MMU student? Check out our policies and procedures for external customers here.
     Upcoming Events

    Event Date
    MMU Open Day 18 - 19 March 2017
    MMU Registration Day - March 2017 Intake 25 - 31 March 2017
    Vast Avientiqa 8 - 9 April 2017
    K-Pop Night 2017 13 April 2017
    Art Expression Festival Night 14 April 2017
    UPG Campus Festival 18 - 19 April 2017
    FESTARI 2017 22 April 2017
    Greenview Islamic School International Day 2017 6 May 2017
  • MMU Souvenirs

    Looking for cool gifts and souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones? Check out what we have in store, all at an affordable price:

  • Application Forms
    Skip all the hassle and get the right application form here:
    Other Forms Have any complaint regarding our facilities and services? We value our customers, and we would love to hear more from you: