Tuition fees of Bachelor of Management, Human Resources Management and Marketing Management

The tuition fees for Distance Education is RM171.31 per credit hour. Hence, the total fee for the entire degree programme RM20, 900.00.

Resource Fees

RM1000 per year

Student Fund (STF)

RM110 per year

Loan / Scholarship

Candidates can withdraw from 2nd account of your EPF

Discount for TM Staff

The eligibility of staff and the discount are as follows :-

+ Service 1 - 9 years = 20% discount
+ Service above 10 years = 30% discount

Payments should be made to CIMB Bank (Account number: 1283-0000-016051) before the start of each trimester, based on the number of the subjects and credit hours that a student registers for.

Loan / Scholarship


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