Bachelor of Management (Hons) Marketing Management

Specifically aimed at providing students with the essentials skills and knowledge vital to marketing and successful marketing management.

The subjects offered are designed to cover all the functional areas of marketing with a focus on current market needs, emphasising practical application of knowledge. The course content enables the student to keep pace with the changing trends of the dynamic business world.

Students are exposed to highly integrated and effective course module designed by trained and experienced local and foreign faculty members. This allows a multi dimension approach and a cutting edge advantage for the students.

Subject Offered

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Course Structure

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What They Say


"Proud to be one of MMU DE course participants. I really enjoyed every moment
of it even though there are ob stacles and hard times. The time and effort I invested in attending this 4 years course has finally paid off. Personally it has made me a much better person. This is something I will cherish forever."

Friends just remember this..' if you're afraid to step forward, you can never see success in front of you.'

"Thank you MMU"

Pow Kim Sung (98105227) - May 1998 intake


"I still remember the day when I received a call from MMU-DE to inform me that I have been accepted for the Bachelor of Management (Hons) course. An overwhelming sense of joy and fear embraced me suddenly. Joy that I have been accepted, fear of what is in store for me. Looking back. I am glad that I took the challenge to continue my studies at MMU. Although there were hard times, juggling between work, family and completing my assignments, I was able to complete the course in three and a half years. This was made possible with the help of friends, family, lecturers and administrators of MMU. "

- Charles Alberto A/L Laurence Albert (1991201111) - May 1999 intake

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June 2014 Intake
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