Advances in technology have powered this paradigm shift in education. The vision of Distance Education is to impart quality education and knowledge through the multimedia and information technology approach particularly to the large group of people who have been excluded from participation due to time and money. This is one way to a second chance to attain degree.

The aim of Distance Education in Multimedia University is to provide a flexible, cost effective, and quality education to life-long learners who wish to continue their education anywhere and anytime.

The Distance Education programme began in June 1998 and it offers the Bachelor of Management (Hons) and Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Human Resource Management. These programmes are conducted by the Faculty of Management and are administered by the Distance Education Unit, DE.

Highlight of the programme

  • Taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers who are trained to teach adult learners
  • Flexible in terms of pace and duration, plus allows students to complete their studies while they are working
  • Aim to produce all-rounded and highly skilled graduates who can support and contribute to the country’s drive towards creating and achieving K –Society

Programme Offered - BACHELOR OF MANAGEMENT (HONS) - KN2510

This programme comprises 122 credit hours and a total of 41 subjects, which include University Subjects, Core Subjects, Major Management Subjects and three elective subjects.

This course covers areas of management such as accounting, economics, finance, statistics, production and operation, total quality management, global management and managerial communication.

This degree develops students with the aspects of business and management skills that is required to meet the challenges and the chances of the global environment.


This programs consist of 41 subjects with a total of 122 credit hours. It includes University Subjects, Foundation Subjects, Core Subjects, Management Subjects and Three Electives.

This course emphasizes Human Resource Competencies including Training and Development, Strategic Staffing, Labor and Employment Law, Managing Organizational Change, Compensation and Benefits and Leadership and Team Building.

This programs develop the learners knowledge, abilities and competence to recognize and evaluate human assets of an organization and develop them for the mutual benefit of employers and employees in an integrative, proactive and strategic manner.


Specifically aimed at providing students with the essentials skills and knowledge vital to marketing and successful marketing management.

The subjects offered are designed to cover all the functional areas of marketing with a focus on current market needs, emphasising practical application of knowledge. The course content enables the student to keep pace with the changing trends of the dynamic business world.

Students are exposed to highly integrated and effective course module designed by trained and experienced local and foreign faculty members. This allows a multi dimension approach and a cutting edge advantage for the students.


Candidates should fulfil one of the following criteria: -
¨ Pass STPM or equivalent with at least 2 principal.
¨ Possess a diploma from a recognised institution. The diploma should be at least of 2 years duration in management or related studies. Credit transfer may be considered on a case-to-case basis.


Multimedia Learning System (MMLS)

MMLS facilitates and supports a highly interactive multimedia web-based learning programme. It makes learning more interesting, efficient and effective. MMLS has features such as Staff and Student Registration System, Question and Answer Template, Short Notes, E-mail, Online Chat, Newsgroup and Bulletin Board.


These are tutorials, which are held twice a trimester in Cyberjaya Campus. These sessions provide opportunities to students to probe and ask questions with regards to subject matters and course materials. This session will enable face-to-face interaction between lecturers and students, which would be of much benefit to the students.

Exam Centre
Penang - Penang Skill's Development Centre,
Ipoh - Institute Teknologi Perak
Johor Baharu - Sekolah Menengah Teknik Tanjung Puteri.JB,
Melaka - MMU, Melaka
Selangor - MMU, Cyberjaya

¨ Self-Instructional Materials (Modules or Study Guides)
Learning modules in cds are provided to the students as the main source of learning materials. Students are to study independently at their own convenience.


The Distance Education Programme in MMU is approved by the National Accreditation Board.

+ Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) &
+ Ministry Of Higher Education Malaysia


All subjects in the Distance Education Programme are taught in English.


The tuition fees for Distance Education is RM155.73 per credit hour. Hence, the total fee for the entire degree programme RM19,000.00.

Payments should be made to CIMB Bank (Account number: 1283-0000-016051) before the start of each trimester, based on the number of the subjects and credit hours that a student registers for.


The eligibility of staff and the discount are as follows :-

+ Service 1 - 9 years = 20% discount
+ Service above 10 years = 30% discount


Bachelor Of Management (hons) (click to see subjects | click to see course structure)
Bachelor Of Management (hons) Marketing Management (click to see subjects | click to see course structure)
Bachelor Of Management (hons) Human Resources Management (click to see subjects | click to see course structure)

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