MMU 3.0 : i-University

In 2015, MMU initiated its MMU 3.0 mission towards the realisation of i-University, a continuation of the MMU 2.0 transformation programme that was executed in 2014.

The i-University initiative forms the backbone of MMU’s continued drive to remain a trendsetter in the ICT higher education industry. It focuses on keeping MMU relevant and competitive with the achievement of certain targets, namely

Excellence in Education
  • Focus in Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Addressing 21st century skills
  • Process learning instead of only content learning
Wider reach of programme delivery
  • Marketable teaching and learning
  • Working adult
  • International learners



A comprehensive ecosystem that stimulates the generation of new ideas for entrepreneurship and innovation, in addition to promoting lifelong learning.

  • Innovative and entrepreneurial graduates
  • Scalable lifelong learning programmes
  • Transformed learning environment
  • To incorporate entrepreneurship and innovation activities into teaching and learning
  • To inspire learners and enable inquiry driven instruction through blended learning
  • To expand our reach globally in the lifelong learners market through the implementation of Open Distance Learning (ODL).
  • To transform the learning environment to adapt to new student learning approaches on a proactive basis

i-University Framework

The i-University framework comprises of five thrusts encompassing innovative and entrepreneurial undergraduates, scalable lifelong learning programmes, transformation of learning environment, marketability and industry connectedness, as well as culture and competency.