Corporate Identity

The Multimedia University (MMU) horizontal logo is made up of two elements, the emblem and the “Multimedia University” namestyle. For overall balance, the emblem is centred between the namestyle “Multimedia” and “University”. The full logo and short logo can be used interchangebly. The logo communicates MMUs commitment to prepare the nation with a well-trained workforce in anticipation of Malaysia entry in the multimedia era

Basic Identity Specifications of MMU Logo
Red Circle The red circle in the centre of the logo represents a nucleus to mark the beginning of MMU as the first private university recognized by the Malaysian Government specializing in the broad sphere of multimedia and IT in Malaysia.

The colour red identifies MMU as a dynamic institution, growing in tandem with modern technology.
Blue Pins The pins facing the opposing directions are proofs of MMUs creative approach towards the acquisition and dissemination of multimedia knowledge.
Blue Band The blue band surrounding the red circle represents MMUs visions of growth and commitment in achieving a world-class status in terms of academic programmes and research and development work.

The blue band also identifies MMU as an institution that provides a conducive environment for the holistic growth of the individual.
Blue band and pins surrounding the red circle The blue band and pins surrounding the red circle is a symbol of MMUs strategic location at the centre of a growing and developed country, particularly in the countrys first intelligent city, Cyberjaya.
Common error: The emblem should not be used alone without the "Multimedia University" namestyle.

MMU Tagline


Align with our Mission, we are aspire our community to bring together talent for Inquiry, Inspiration and Innovation (I3)

 Sign-off Logo


MMU is a part of TM Education Group and therefore ‘a TM Education Group’ logo must be placed at the bottom right corner of each communication materials and stationery for MMU as a sign-off.

For any marketing activities, kindly request our Brand Guidelines at


MMU Mascot - The EBee


The I-Grad V3, or commonly known the eBee is an electronic robotic bee designed as MMUs Mascot. The eBee was born in the Faculty of Creative Multimedias Secret Laboratory and he lives in the virtual space of computers.

The digital honeybee, was conceived on 1 August 2001, is 7cm in height and weighs 200gms in weight. With dark brown eyes, a silver blue complexion, and stripes on his body, the eBee represents the robotic honeybee with adorable childlike qualities.

A little naughty and emotional, the eBee however, is intelligent and friendly. He enjoys entertaining people, especially impressing female students with his magic tricks. Forever an optimist, the eBee is always looking for more ways to introduce MMU to the the world. Sophisticated and independent, the eBee constantly tries to upgrade himself to become the best that he can be.

Being a databank like the eBee does have its advantages. The eBee is always ready to provide information and is very resourceful. That of course, might have something to do with his favourite reading material, encyclopedias. Besides reading, the eBee also enjoys traveling, surfing the Internet as well as playing computer games. He also enjoys a bit of bee racing and loves sunflowers!


Official MMU Song (Permata Dunia)

Kami perintis Generasi
multimedia Teguh
mendukung Harapan agung
Negara Menyahut seruan
Wawasan Negara Unggul di
mata dunia

Langkah seiring Mengejar cita
di hari muka Kan terus maju
Bersama menuju jaya
Ketulusan jiwa

Semangat berusaha Unggul
di mata dunia Ke puncak
menara dituju Keunggulan
cita yang luhur Melangkah
kita bersama Bersatu

Bersinar permata Negara
Dikagumi serata dunia
Selamanya kan gemilang Di
persada dunia multimedia
Terunggul di mata dunia

Lyric and Song by Intan Nazrahayu Mohd. Nasir


MMU E-Scroll

Multimedia University is the first university in the world to introduce E-Scroll to its graduates. In the universitys first convocation, all graduates received an E-Scroll from the Chancellor. The E-Scroll is digitally signed and stored in a CR-ROM as well as recorded on the Smart-Card (microchip-based card).

As more and more job applications go on-line, these graduates can attach their E-Scroll on the on-line applications before submitting it over the Internet. This eliminates the need for paper-based scrolls. A more important point to highlight is that paper-based scrolls are difficult to be verified. To verify paper-based scroll one requires a copy of the original signature of the signatories. The contents of paper-based scroll requires a copy of the original signature of the signatories. The contents of paper-based scroll are also not protected and are subjected to modifications. However, digitally signed documents use public key cryptography technology that will provide full protection of the documents. Only the originator (or signatory) of the document can do the modification or editing.

In addition to the above system, the university also provides a Registry of Graduates homepage ( that will allow anyone to verify the validity of the E-Scroll. With these systems in place, the university not only eliminates fraud, but also complements the e-governance system, preparing itself for a truly web-based society.